Does Las Vegas Motor Speedway Deserve Another Sprint Cup Race Weekend?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIMarch 12, 2017

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

            The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has really played host to some of the best racing the NASCAR circuit has seen in the last couple of seasons ever since they re did the track design back in 2006. Vegas was known for strung out racing where if one car hit the right setup then he was surely going to dominate the race. After several seasons of that type of racing, the Vegas track committee decided to add a lot more banking into the turns and make the track a high speed war where it would be dicey racing each and every lap.

            The fans have certainly gotten some great racing since 2007 when the track debuted its new banking like look at the Nationwide Series finish back in 2007 when Jeff Burton and Kyle Busch battled to stripe with Kyle Busch spinning out and crashing into the wall and Burton winning the race. 2008 saw a hard wreck for Jeff Gordon late in the race and also there was an awesome battle for the win between Carl Edwards and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Last season saw Kyle Busch finally win at his home track by having to pass both Clint Bowyer and Jeff Burton late in the race in order to earn his 1st Vegas victory. With all of the great racing this track seems to offer, the question sooner or later has to come up to NASCAR; Does Las Vegas Motor Speedway deserve another race date on the NASCAR calendar?

Now there are plenty of other tracks that seem to want a Cup race like Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, and heck even Montreal but the fact is that Vegas seems to be a money making destination each and every time NASCAR rolls into town. Vegas has been on the schedule since 1998 and has only hosted one race every year but let’s face it folks, this track really does deserve a second race over some tracks.

If Vegas wanted a second race then they would have to bump a race of the schedule and that can be very tricky to do with all of the track ownership drama and such but here are three races it could replace either due to dull racing or low attendance. One of the Pocono races could be replaced because of the very dull racing every summer, spring Auto Club race since the track produces a low track attendance record every since getting a second race date, and finally a date from Michigan because of the horrible economic state up there and the fact that Vegas makes more money than Michigan does with two races.

So there really seems to be no reason why Vegas can’t get another date on the schedule right? Well there is only one thing that seems to hold up this process and that is the recent bad luck at Auto Club Speedway. When Auto Club Speedway only had 1 race per season from 1997-2003, the races were sold out but as soon as the track received 2 track dates in 2004, they haven’t had a sellout. That really does worry NASCAR because they don’t want to see the same thing happen in Vegas.

So who knows if Vegas will get another race date or not but the fact is that Vegas is NASCAR crazy and also do not forget that Vegas does host the season finale banquet every season so it would only make sense to add another Cup race to the track right?

I want you the racing community to tell me what you think about this topic and vote on it too. I do not care which side of the fence you sit on as long as you make your voices heard, Thanks and keep on loving NASCAR!