Another classic on Grass

Mike Kutniewski JrCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2008

So as I was watching today’s Men’s Wimbledon Championship a lot came to mind.  I mean it’s easy considering a match that start roughly around 9:30am on the East Coast and with the rain delays, finally ended just before 4:30pm.  Just watching Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer make shots I could only dream of making, it was obvious the day belonged to the two best players in the world and some day could be considered two of the best players ever.  The match, which saw Nadal win 6-4,6-4,6-7,6-7,9-7, will now live on in history as the longest Men’s Final at this historic tournament ever.


It wasn’t until the end of the match when the most important thoughts came to mind.  Watching Nadal fall onto the grass in an emotional outpouring just shows how mentally challenged he became trying to outdo the man who has owned Wimbledon in his career.  During the post-game interviews the respect each has for the other was quite evident.  They both know who they just played as well as what the type of performance they gave to those in attendance and watching worldwide.


Some would argue that having the two same men battle every time in a Grand Slam final gets boring after awhile.  I strongly disagree.  The best reason for having them match-up is the viewer knows right away they’re going to be in for a competitive and  match.  Federer was down 2 sets to none and I never thought he was ever out of it.  As I was watching the 5th set and he was starting to take a slight advantage, it was then his title to lose. 


I don’t think he lost the title, but Nadal won it because of what he had to accomplish in order to knock him off.  Nadal may not have only taken Wimbledon away from Federer, but he may now have a slight advantage as the best player in the world.  He has dominated Federer at the French Open and now has taken control, even if just for a year, of Wimbledon.


I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the match that, at some time I never expected to end.  It could also be thought the record for longest final could live on only until next year when these two meet up again.