King of clay Nadal ends King Federer's autocratic reign at Wimbledon

Alex LevySenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008


What an eventful weekend this has been, with Lewis Hamilton turning the heat in the British Grand Prix to lay claim to his first win there and regaining top spot in the driver's championship; this afternoon it was king of clay Rafael Nadal taking on arch rival and world number one Roger Federer.

This final was all the more epic for last month Nadal destroyed, annihilated and sent Federer packing in a record breaking hour and 38 minutes. From the start it was clear the Swiss was looking for revenge in a tournament he has already won five times in a row; with 64 games unbeaten on grass, Federer was definitely in the hot seat. Meanwhile Nadal had his own incentives to bring it on. Having been defeated at the hands of you know who in both 2006 and 2007 final, 2008 was his opportunity to turn the tables but also to emulate Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg's achievement of having won back to back Rolang Garros and Wimbledon whilst Federer was looking forward to emulating an achievement of equal measures  - six Wimbledon title in succession a record set way back in the 19th century.

Unlike Roland Garros where it was clear Nadal had the clear advantage, reknown for his fine tuned level of Tennis he delivers, his reputation alone sends chills down the spine of any would be competitors.

the same is true of Federer on Grass courts, 5 Wimbledon titles in a row for the Swiss talent, 64 unbeaten run on grass coming in to today's final, that was the message Nadal got on all screens; add to that Federer's burning desire to take revenge upon the King's deeds back at Roland Garros and this Wimbledon's final had "final of the year" written all over it!!!

A Must-see:

6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7

Against all expectations King of clay Nadal decided he might as well take Federer's crown as king of grass too, and why not?

His majesty started the match on a high note taking set I and II 6-4 , 6-4; the Wimbledon final was set to end just like Roland Garros, short, quick, no time messing around let's get this title and go home; yet the resilience of world no.1 seed Federer got in the way of the Monarch's plans for this afternoon.

Federer somehow found the energy, the drive and determination to take this game to five sets, winning set III and IV on tie breaks 7-5 in third set and 10-8 in the fourth set; despite interruption courtesy of the British weather, the pair went back and onto the court to battle it all night if needed!

And in the end it was King Nadal ending Federer's 65 games unbeaten on grass court an achievement spanning over six years!!!! 

Six year of domination, glory and reign that came to an abrupt end at the hands of a man that knows no fear!

Nadal and Federer gave us today one awesome demonstration of Tennis at the highest level. Furthermore these two athletes have shown respect towards one another something the rest of our societies should re-learn instead of what we have become today!! It is an honor to write about this final and seeing Nadal in tears after this epic victory then in a passionate show of respect, aknowledging his arch ennemy as best ever praising his achievement and how unbelievable it was to beat him on his playground is a pure display of true values we all tend to ignore they even exist.

Nadal V Federer, the war is still on; yet the bottom line is after watching these two battle it on, there is just not one world no.1 player there's two equals,

King of clay Nadal and King of grass Federer - next level tennis not to be missed!!!

Is there any other rivalries in this sport that has taken itself to this sort of level??


I didn't think so...

do you???