Could You See Troy Smith Being The Starting Quaterback For Cleveland?

I Gave Lebron My GreatnessContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

BALTIMORE - DECEMBER 20:  Troy Smith #10 of the Baltimore Ravens looks for a receiver during the game against the Chicago Bears at M&T Bank Stadium on December 20, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Bears 31-7. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

This is my first article that i have written so please be light on criticism if you don't like my philosophy on a situation that I think should be considered, then please be somewhat nice about it thank you.

OK we all know Troy Smith is a Cleveland Native who committed to Ohio State University which where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2006. He was drafted by Baltimore in the 5th round due to his lack of size but lets be honest if you have heart and can be a leader you are going to be fine even if you aren't the acceptable height the NFL has been taught that lesson on many occasions.

Troy Smith i believe has what it takes to be a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL. Troy has a strong arm which usually bodes well in this league. Troy's accuracy is impressive which compliments his arm strength, plus his speed could make it possible for him to escape pressure in the pocket which can give the right side of the line some time not much but little time to emerge with the left side and youngser Alex Mack to become a complete solid front.

Troy as said is a Cleveland native and idolized the Browns while growing up so its more than just an ordinary job to him it's more personal and everyone knows you do better at a job or any other thing in life if you have personal motives. Troy was rumored awhile ago to wanting to play for Cleveland, a hometown kid leading his hometown city while growing up is more than just a cinderella story.

Troy was put in a rocky situation in Baltimore and like dare i say Quinn never had a full chance. Baltimore was supposed to give Troy a chance to show what he had the beginning of the 08 season but due to illness had to hand the reins to the then rookie Joe Flacco which proved to be a winner and got them to the AFC championship. Baltimore have found their franchise quarterback in Flacco.

Balimore is very good at teaching players and evaluating talent so for them to even keep Smith around shows he has potential. Troy have been taught by Hue Jackson who is supposed to already be a quarterback guru, which means Troy was taught by someone that knows what they are doing plus if Holmgren wanted to take him under his wing and teach him a few more pointers that could solidify a quarterback who could work well in a west coast type offense if we choose to go that route.

Troy could also be put in that column of intelligent players that Mangini adores so much not leaving college early for the pros. and can fit in the whole rob ryans and Manginis SAT motto he is smart aggressive and tough. It could also get he City of Cleveland something to cheer for. someone that they watched growing up and winning in the highschool and college levels thats good to have a proven winner, plus that could help the team financially too help boost ticket,jersey, and other sales.

Troy is a restricted free agent this off season, should we look into it since we wouldn't have to give up any major pieces for him? Since he was a 5th round pick and haven't really done anything in the league we shouldn't have to pay him that much since he hasn't really done anything in the league. He is low risk and wont hit our cap hard so why shouldn't they at least consider it? If this doesn't fall through and turns out tragic then at least it wasn't a first heck a second third or fourth round bust. He is worth looking into but that's just my opinion.  

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