Sibling Rivalries: The Best Sibling Tandems in Sports

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

So today is our Nation's Independence Day! A time to waste $200 on fireworks, break out the grill, and drink to the fact that we're halfway home to 2009.

Now, Wimbledon is on the horizon this Saturday, as Venus and Serena Williams battle in an all-Williams final.

So what better way to express my "singing joy" for my country, along with the Wimbledon Final coming up, than to combine them both and show you the best sibling tandems in sports."

So here you are, the best sibling tandems in the sporting world that you and I live in.

Peyton and Eli Manning

These two brothers of the pigskin have had their fair share of accomplishments. Peyton already got his ring and held the record for most passing TDs at one point, along with appearing in eight Pro Bowls.

But little brother Eli is no slouch, as he claimed his first Super Bowl title this year over the New England Patriots. Eli seems well on his way to stardom, but will he match Peyton? We'll have to wait and see.

Serena and Venus Williams

Living proof that it's not just the brothers that rule the sibling rivalries. Venus and Serena have dominated the tennis world for the past five years, and they have put their stamp on tennis forever.

These two have met six times in an Open Final, with Serena holding on to a 5-1 mark, but I see it becoming 5-2. That's right, I've got Venus. It's ok; the bandwagon is welcoming members as we speak.

Name That Molina: Bengie, Jose, and Yadier

So we're here for another installment of "Name That Molina!" Well not really, but just to note three of the most amusing brothers in all of baseball.

Bengie remains the best out of the group, as he bats cleanup for the Giants and continues to put up solid numbers. Yadier is on his way to getting better, and well, Jose just isn't good. Jose is the prime example of the hated child in the family. Sorry Jose.

Pedro and Ramon Martinez

Yes, they actually are brothers. And yes, it's obvious who's better, but still we need to give our due credit to Ramon.

He may not be the fastest, brightest, quickest, smoothest, or smartest, but still, we can give him credit because he's the brother of one of the greatest pitchers of this era.

One problem with Pedro is the fact that he's been caught with injuries the past few years, but he was one of the most feared pitchers when he was in his prime.

Tiki and Ronde Barber

I had to include these guys. Even if Tiki is retired and off somewhere, we still need to give him what is rightfully and deservedly his. A congratulatory note from the Giants. Looks as if you did retire at the right time. Ronde still remains a top notch CB for the Bucs.

They both, when playing, were amazing athletes, and they remain to be fairly good TV analysts.

Well there you are, the best sibling tandems, but if you think these brothers and sisters are bad now, imagine the mass chaos that went on inside those homes when they were children. I bet those were some great memories.

But I will keep my word and give my breakdown to the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2008.

My inside sources say Joey Chestnut seems poised to keep his title, but the lurking Kobayashi is always a threat.

Though Chestnut seems to be day-to-day after his recent incident at a Krystals: Chestnut apparently went for his 24th Krystal Chik and strained the right, upper mouth-muscle and is still feeling the lingering affects of this incident.

This very well could be Kobayashi's chance to step up and take back what he started.

He too seems in the zone, as always, and has been rumored to use a "dunk-dunk-bite" routine while eating his dogs this year, which could improve his stamina and time by seconds.

But watch for Juris "Dr. Bigtime" Shibayama. I mean, the man has an amazing name; he automatically gets a bump up. Personally, I think he can hold his own.

My Winner: Kobayashi with 64 Hot Dogs Devoured