My SANE View Of College Football Recruiting

Foster KeatsContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

Today(2/4) is my FAVORITE day of the year because I don't have to listen to and/or read about 40-50 year old men drooling over 17 year old high school boys anymore. These same creepy guys pray and stew and hope that a kid will go to his school, then spend the next four years HATING the kid if he chooses another school...WTF???

And I don't understand why people want to watch these boys disrespect schools on national TV that spend THOUSANDS of dollars wining(not literally) & dining(literally) by dumping hats in the garbage while seedy recruiters  harass these kids and try to LURE these young boys to their university.

Why does a 18 year old kid have a press conference? Why does a 18 year old kid have 600 people come to his church so that he can tell them where he's going to college?

And you wonder why these boys have such arrogance even before they graduate high school. It is all built up by the obsessed college football fans that obviously don't spend enough time with their wives or girlfirends or even appreciate these women enough to step away from their computers and sports talk radio for five seconds.

Alabama spent $750k on football recruiting last season, which is ridiculous. And I am an Alabama grad and loyal supporter, so please refrain from the "Bama Hater" responses.
That's $28k per recruit

And don't get me started on clowns like Tom Luginbill and Jamie Greenberg and the rest of the idiots who "evaluate" talent. What a joke. There is NO WAY they can logically tell me that some kid from Texas will be a better football player than some kid from Kentucky... based on what???

And I love how a school will get a commitment from a kid who isn't listed in the online services "Top 100" or whatever laughable rankings they employ, only to throw that kid on that list right after CERTAIN schools get him to commit. I wonder if that has anything to do with how many subscribers(people PAY these sites???) certain fan bases have in relation to moving up commitments of certain schools?

And it has the opposite effect to a kid who is highly touted, may decide to commit to a CUSA school instead of a Big 12 school, and so his ranking or stars or whatever will drop. Again, these sites make no sense and yet these creepy guys hinge on every word like it's some sort of twisted holy book that many of you also live your daily lives by. Either way, it's a stab in the dark.

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson made me cry with happiness with an interview a few months ago:

Reporter: "Coach Johnson, how much emphasis do you put on these recruiting services when evaluating talent and offering scholarships???"

Johnson: "None, zero, they are ALL a joke..."

Why can't everyone just let the coaches decide who they want to come play for them, then read all about it after the signing day? Why spend months & months memorizing a kid's 40 time and calling radio shows to tell people "Well, MY sources tell me that so-and-so will commit to Auburn b/c his cousin likes the coaches"? Are you THAT desperate to try to show off in front of a bunch of as-creepy guys?

The whole culture is a joke, the whole scene is laughable. I cannot believe that people sit there and waste their time looking at Rivals & Scout and posting on web sites and memorizing the heights and weights of YOUNG BOYS. Where is the "To Catch A Predator" guy when you need him?

"Why are you here? Whatcha doing here??"
"Umm, I'm just here to try to persuade Keenan Allen to go to my school..."
"Why did you bring the wine coolers???"
"Umm, I don't know. Maybe he'll get thirsty..."
"Why did you email Keenan naked pics of you???"
"Umm, I don't know. I'm just confused right now"

That's just my opinion. I guess I just like going outside and getting some air sometimes.