Undercover Matchup of UFC 110: Ryan Bader vs. Keith Jardine

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2010

UFC 110 is just around the corner, and I figured I would write this article about now. In it, I will break down the fighters, and predict a result. The fight I am covering is between two light-heavyweights: "The Dean Of Mean" Keith Jardine and Ryan "Darth" Bader. This fight will be on February 21, 2010, in Sydney, Australia. It will take place on the main card. Now, on to the main event.

Ryan Bader:
Ryan Bader was the light-heavyweight division winner on season eight of The Ultimate Fighter. He has a great wrestling pedigree. He wrestled for Arizona State in his college career, amassing 120 wins.

He was a three-time Pac-10 Conference Championship, and a two-time Division I All-American. He uses his wrestling to control opponents, but isn't one of those boring lay-n-pray wrestlers. When Bader gets top position, he looks to end the fight.

His striking is fairly solid as well. Four of his 10 wins have come by T/KO. His striking seemed at it's best when he beat Vinny Magalhaes on TUF 8 Finale. His biggest test will come from Jardine when they are standing, due to Jardine's very unpredictable striking. Bader has finishing power in his punches, and will look to capitalize on Jardine's so-so chin.

Keith  Jardine:
Keith Jardine also competed on TUF, during season two. Keith Jardine is a gatekeeper of the light-heavyweight division. He has fought all of the sport's greats, producing mixed results. On the ground, Jardine is just average, with only two submission wins in his career. He is vulnerable to good wrestlers, and Ryan Bader is an outstanding wreslter.

Jardine's striking, however, is above average. He has produced six T/KO wins in his career, the most notable being over Forrest Griffin. His stand-up is very unorthodox, and has drawn comparisons from Joe Rogan as being the result of teaching a chimp karate.

However, Jardine has shown weaknesses to fighters who come straight at him. For example: Houston Alexander (KO, 48 seconds), Wanderlei Silva (KO, 36 seconds) and Thiago Silva (KO, 95 seconds).


Prediction: Ryan Bader, first round KO. I think Ryan Bader will have done his homework on Jardine. Bader will capitalize on Jardine's weak chin and end the fight quickly. Jardine likely won't be released when he loses, because of the name value he has, but Dana White released HOF Mark Coleman, so a release wouldn't be unexpected.

If you are still here, thank you. I hope you enjoyed my prediction. If you didn't, or you have a different opinion, please leave a comment below.