Battle of The Brits: Why Does Britain Miss The Toothless Tiger?

Simon LongdenCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2008

Wimbledon has been fantastic this year, Nadal, Federer, Safin, Ancic, and even a certain Andy Murray from Eng-Scot-Wal-Ire-land, otherwise known as Britain. If your not from Britain you probably won't know about the incredible mixed reaction Murray receives in the press.

He was asked whether he would be supporting England in a football tournament that occurred a year or so ago and he said no. He was slated by the press, but he is SCOTTISH.

Would you ask any other Scotsman to support England? No you wouldn't. Now that the issue has died down, all the posh people who are still wondering why Fred Perry hasn't qualified and the rackets don't look wooden are calling Murray a yob and how they hark for the days of Henman hill and "Tiger Tim."

Let me very simply give you my opinion about all of that. What a load of old tosh. Andy Murray is a young Scotsman who is exceptionally good at the great game of tennis. Perhaps not good enough to win this year but unlike Henman he really does look like a winner.  

Henman was an ode to the old school, polite, softly spoken, never cocky, never grumpy, and would always happily sign your dentures. Awww, how sweet.

Murray is a 21-year-old man, so he is a little grumpy, (a 'miserable git' according to Henman) but he has a drive to win. He wants to pump his fist and show his muscles and shout around the court, and why shouldn't he?

That's right it's because he is British.

What the hell is being British nowadays anyway? No one knows. And I have had enough of all this nonsense where fat, old, posh people wearing frankly ridiculous hats and filling their face with strawberry's and cream trying desperately hard to avoid mixing with the papers are telling 21-year-old professional athletes how they should behave.

Tennis is a modern game, with modern people and modern athletes competing at an incredibly high level of skill. Now, if your come from anywhere in the British Isles you have the birth given right to support an athlete who is British.

For this reason I am personally wishing Andy all the luck in the world against Nadal, realistically I think Nadal is to hot right now to be stopped. In this case have hopes and not expectations for Murray, either way it will be a fantastic encounter.