Roger Federer: Is The Dynasty Ending?

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Roger Federer: Is The Dynasty Ending?
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Is Roger Federer's legacy ending?  Some people say that soon Roger Federer will retire or drop in the rankings.  Will this happen?  These are the two sides of the argument.

Why he will drop in the rankings:

Roger Federer is getting up there in the years as far as pro sports go.  He is 28 and will be 29 in August.  He is now married and has twins.  His marriage and his children may distract him from concentrating on tennis.  He also might want to spend more time with them and go to less and less tournaments and eventually retire.  Another reason is Federer is already successful.  Federer holds many records already including:

  • Most Grand Slam Titles: 16
  • Most Grand Slam Finals: 22
  • Most Consecutive Grand Slam Finals: 10
  • Most Consecutive Grand Slam Sets Won:36
Most people disagree he would retire because he is so successful, but isn't that what Justine Henin did?

Why he will continue his legacy:
Roger Federer will continue to play in, and win major titles.  He is only 28, and tennis is not that physical of a sport.  Tennis is not as physically demanding as say football.  Roger Federer is 28, but that is nothing compared to Brett Favre who is 40.  Plus, have you ever seen Federer being sluggish on the court.  Federer is probably one of the tennis players with the most endurance.
Also, his kids and wife might stop him from playing in some tournaments, but probably will actually extend his career.  Federer has expressed that he wants to play longer, so his kids will get to see him play.  I know the stats previously shown make him look like he has played a full career, but that is because he has!  He has just done it in half the time of other greats.
Which do I side with?
I say Roger Federer should continue to play as long as he wants to.  So I'm not sure that falls in either category, but if I had to pick one I would pick the second.  This is because I can just see Federer playing for longer.  Please feel free to leave your comments and decision.

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