Ezekiel Jackson: The Beast Dominating ECW

Blair T-BContributor IJanuary 27, 2010

Hello fellow men, women and marks of Bleacher Report. My "Report" this week from the "Bleachers" is about this guy that I always thought had something about him. This promo between Ezekiel Jackson and Christian made me smile, Ezekiel got a lot of heat and the crowd was an awesome one.

Ezekiel "Big Zeke" Jackson started his wrestling career about 3 years ago as a wrestler at FCW. Before his wrestling career, he was a body builder and i bet he was a pretty good one too. Anyway, Big Zeke began as the bodyguard of a entertaining yet weed loving wrestler and dancer(that was a joke) named THE Brian Kendrick. Big Zeke mainly intimidated TBKs opponents and helped win TBK many matches. Big Zeke finally got into the ring and quickly smashed some jabroni called Super Crazy. Big Zeke and TBK feuded with the Tag Team Champions Primo and Carlito, though unable to win the championships.

He was moved in the 2009 Supplemental Draft to ECW and this split his tag team with The Brian Kendrick, Not that his tag team would have lasted much longer due to TBKs continued drug use. Ezekiel made his debut destroying jobbers and began a strange feud with Vladimir Kozlov. A feud with two heels, fans and marks were left wondering who would turn face. As they continued their One-upmanship, to the fear of Jobbers around the country, eventually they became a stable the "Ruthless Roundtable" headed by the Top Heel of ECW William Regal. Their Quest was to help William Regal become ECW Championship, and dominate the WWE (Which I would imagine was Zekes Idea).

Eventually the Roundtable showed weakness, Kozlov and Zeke started arguing with each other. During Regals match, Kozlov costs Regal the match and blamed Zeke. In what was perhaps Zekes biggest moment in his short career and one of the biggest moments in ECW 2009, Zeke destroyed Kozlov and then after a stare down with Regal, who was trying to calm the situation, Zeke destroyed Regal too.

Next Week, Regal looked at the tapes and apologized to Kozlov, but Kozlov wouldn't apologise and eventually they tried to tear each other apart. Regal initially looked to side on Kozlovs side, and obvious favourite for many marks and fans due to their shared dislike of America. But in a shocking twist, Regal helped Zeke tear Kozlov apart. Zeke won the number one contendership in a Breakthrough Battle Royal, Decimating his opponents and showing his "Domination" on ECW.

He is currently the number one contender for Christians ECW Championship. To me he isn't a great wrestler. He's big, he's slow and he's not much of a talker either. But what impresses me is his character, he pulls off the big, giant thug gimmick who wants to intimidate and destroy you. He will only get better with the tutorship of William Regal, and after his reaction from the crowd, i hope he will get to stay in the main event of ECW for his chances to grow and get even better.