"Beating Them Like a Goverment Mule"

Memmie B.Contributor IJanuary 18, 2010

That's Ol JR's Favorite saying.  It is also not a concept lost on the writing staff of the WWE -  and Vince McMahon the biggest frustrated Hollywood wannabes of them all. You see in Hollywood there is a bad habit of turning out quick sequels of great movies. 

the problem is those movies are great mostly because they caught lighting in a bottle. 

But those movies also pull in a lot money, word of mouth and free press.  So the head office because:

1) get greedy


2) they simply don't have the writing staff to think up anything as good.

Go with the re-do the old script, get the same cast, put them in a new city and hope no one notices they just wasted their money till it's all over.

So in the great Hollywood spirit I thought, I would take a moment and see if I could figure out how Vinny and Stephanie’s reject writing staff may justify Taker vs. HBK II. 

Tonight  on Raw: Taker show up and pay his respect to HBK, but he will firmly turn him down, telling HBK to enter the Rumble like everyone else and take his chances. That if Michaels can win then he will have earned his shot at the champ of his choice.

On the next Smackdown: Somehow the title match at the Rumble will be made into a triple threat match Taker, Bats and Ray Ray.  I see Vickie G getting some face time on this one.

The Rumble: Michaels will interfere in that match costing the Deadman his title, who will have to hand it over the belt somehow Ray Ray.  Let’s say a tuned up boot to Bats' jaw Ray getting the pin. 

This will kill two birds with one stone.  Bats can continue the Ray Ray ruined my life angle -driving that story line it further into the ground at WM26 and at least there would be a reason for Taker to get back into the ring with HBK.  

Now in my perfect screening room in my mind and a way to put all the old horses back in the stable  - Bret Hart will come out help Taker and cost HBK the rematch.  Keeping Taker’s well deserved streak intact, and maybe, just maybe they could take that oldest horse called Montreal Screw Job out back it put it down once in for all.