A San Francisco Giants Fan Who Doesn't Like Mike Krukow? Who Knew

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IJune 17, 2008

I know I'm in the minority here, but I feel like I should just come out and say it...I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, and I can't stand Mike Krukow.

There are many reasons why I don't like him: His use of words that aren't really words or his tendency to say things that are completely idiotic and stupid, for example.

But more importantly, the guy is just not a good broadcaster.

I grew up listening to Hank Greenwald call Giants games on the radio. I have always been a person who likes listening to games on the radio. When Greenwald moved on, and ripped the Giants in his subsequent book, Jon Miller stepped in to call games for his hometown team.

Miller, who also does ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, got me hooked from the start because of the way he paints the picture of a game on the radio.

How many other broadcasters use "plethora" when describing a pitcher's stuff or quote William Shakespeare during a game?

And, even though he is from just across the bay, Miller is not a homer—he tells it like it is.

Can't say the same about Mr. Krukow.

Krukow played for the Giants from 1983-1989 and immediately went into the broadcasting booth when his career ended. However, I would have preferred that he stayed away from the booth.

I would prefer that I could watch a game with the radio broadcast on, but in these times of Janet Jackson, it's not possible with the delay.

I try to watch Giants games with the television sound on, but it doesn't last long at all. It was only days ago that I lasted two outs in the top of the first before I switched over to the radio.

And even when the sound is off, Krukow still bothers me. His "eliminate me" shtick is the thing that gets me the most. The Giants seem to have a fascination with showing more of the fans than an actual game, and this causes Krukow to go wild with the telestrator pen. He needs to stop before I blow a vein in my neck.

With all the BALCO stuff going on a few years back, Krukow was one of the biggest Barry Bonds defenders. And, add to the fact that I'm not a Bonds fan (a Giants fan who doesn't like Bonds, too?) probably didn't help his case, but that's what you get into when you defend one of the most controversial players of our time.

So, on Krukow went supporting Bonds. One compliment after another. After Bonds passed Hank Aaron last season, Fox Sports Bay Area aired a special interview with Krukow and his broadcasting partner Duane Kuiper. Not once did they ask him about his legal trouble or steroids or anything. It basically was an hour-long hoover session.

So, while I read online that Krukow has won five Emmy Awards, I think to myself, "If this guy can win multiple Emmys, how many Pulitzers can I rake in?"

I just have one favor to ask of you: Please listen to Jon Miller and Dave Flemming on the radio. They're professional broadcasters.