Former WWE Superstar Umaga Hospitalized-In Life Threatening Condition

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 4, 2009

It is being reported from various news outlets that former WWE superstar Umaga (Eddie Fatu), 36, has been hospitalized and is in life-threatening condition according to a long-time friend.

Details are not clear at the moment, but some are saying that Fatu feel asleep watching TV last night and several hours later, his wife found him not breathing with blood coming out of his nose. He was then rushed to the hospital.

Many believe it was drug related, simply because he has a history with drugs. I will not say that, for certain, Fatu is in the hospital over a drug overdose. However, even if he was clean at the time he was hospitalized, his past drug usage may be to blame for what happened.

We have seen people die from drug use some in the wrestling world. Eddie Guerrero was a guy who had a problem with painkillers. He was clean at the time of his death, but many believe, including doctors, that his heart attack was caused by his past abuse.

Rey Mysterio came out and said that he went into rehab for painkillers simply because he didn't want to end up like Guerrero. He mentioned that he has had so many injuries to his legs and he competes a lot in the ring, so the painkillers were needed. He knows that if he gets hooked now, when he probably needs them, it could cost him his life.

Fatu is another type of person. He has abused painkillers before, but he also got caught with marijuana. There are apparently other drugs he had issues with, too, but no one is giving specifics, so I won't post all that are out there.

In any case, he was released by World Wrestling Entertainment months ago because he failed the WWE Wellness Policy for the second time and when offered rehab, he refused.

Jeff Hardy also refused rehab when he was caught a while back and Jim Ross, who was the head of talent relations at the time, told Hardy he would have to go to rehab or leave the company. Hardy chose to leave the WWE instead of rehab.

He left the WWE and was said to have gotten clean before he went to TNA Wrestling. When he left TNA and came back to the WWE, he failed another test, which resulted in a suspension and also kept him out of Wrestlemania.

With all the problems he is now suffering because of drugs, it looks like rehab may have been a good idea in hindsight. So, if anyone is offered rehab, taking it would be wise.

If Fatu doesn't make it through, and it is proven that drugs did this to him, other wrestlers with drug problems should sit back and think, "Do I want to end up like that?" Especially if they have a family.

Now, I am discussing all things drug related, as if Fatu being hospitalized was caused by it. But I just want people to know I am not saying Fatu was hospitalized due to drugs, even though it makes a lot of sense due to his past.

Also with what little information given, drugs make sense as well. I mean blood coming out of one's nose doesn't happen for just any reason. If he is not breathing, and his nose is bleeding, he could have drawn a line or two, if you catch my drift.

I hope Fatu gets better soon and if drugs are the cause, wouldn't one think that rehab is a good idea at this point? I'm just saying...

UPDATE: Pro-Wrestlers have come out tweeting about Fatu such as Bobby Lashley, who tweeted: "Very sad day. A good friend is gone" and he is right from what reports are now saying.

I can now confirm to you that Eddie Fatu has passed away after suffering his second heart attack within 24 hours while in the hospital. He was taken off life support earlier in the day and doctors told his family to get in town and to the hospital quickly when things looked grim, which was why the plug wasn't pulled sooner when they found no brain activity.

People are saying he this is a result of abusing prescription pills, but until an autopsy is performed, no one can confirm that. My condolences to his family.

It is indeed a shame to see him pass on, as he just got back from Hulk Hogan's Tour in Australia and said that he may be returning to the WWE, which no one could confirm yes or no on. It is a big loss, as he was one of the best wrestlers ever at his size. He moved so quickly for a guy over 300 lbs and was said to be a good person.

As I mentioned earlier, this should open people's eyes. Death can happen at anytime, especially for a person with a drug problem, and Fatu was believed to have had one. Anyone with a drug problem should have learned from past deaths of others who also did, but maybe this one will be the one that finally makes them say no more. We can only hope.