Anaheim Ducks: Bergeron Trade Is All About Dollars and Cents

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJune 10, 2008

I am not a writer who really likes to dig into rumors, but this time one really dug at me. It's a rumor, to be honest, that I’m choosing to start.

Ask yourself as a Ducks or hockey fan:

Why, with Scott Niedermayer possibly retiring, would Brian Burke give up a young, experienced, offensive defenseman for a rookie?

Answer: Bergeron frees up about $1.2 million, on top of the Ducks expecting not to sign Doug Weight ($3.5 million). This freed $4.7 million plus cap room is more than enough to sign Corey Perry, plus some left over.

This leftover could go to securing Scott Niedermayer or Teemu Selanne.  They have until the draft to decide on staying or retiring.

Also with this trade, look for the Ducks, with or without Niedermayer, to draft a blue liner with the 12th pick. With Scott contemplating retirement and needing to get younger on D, the Ducks must pick up a first- or second-round defenseman.

None of this is fact, or even a popular rumor on the net. It's just some insight from the Ducks CL; only the draft will tell us the answer.

Going Forward:

1. Look for a Corey Perry signing before the draft.

2. Doug Weight will either retire or try his hand at free agency come July.

3. The Ducks will draft a Defenseman with the 12th pick overall at the draft in Ottawa.

(I have no real evidence to base this stuff on, but maybe my hunch is right.)

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