Dwayne Wade Trade Sad but True

yo knowContributor IJune 10, 2008

Trade Dwayne Wade? One of the shining stars of the NBA over the last three seasons and the catalyst to the teams rebuilding. 

The answer is yes.

Wade only has two years left on his contract and he is expected to opt out and get paid like he should, a super star.  Why not get value for him now? 

If Shawn Marion is smart he will stick around for another year and get paid the $16 million he doesn't deserve. So where does that leave the Heat? Sitting in a cesspool of overpaid under producing players.

The good news is that the Heat will be able to unload Jason Williams, a $9 million-a-year salary, once his contract expires at the end of the month.

The Heat can do three things to get themselves back into the NBA finals.

1.Trade Wade and either Shawn Marion (if he decides to stay) or Udonis Hasslem to the Timberwolves for Al Jefferson and the No. 3 pick.  With Beasley available the PF position will be very crowded anyway.  Minnesota gets a guaranteed superstar and a solid starting forward.

2. Draft Beasly and Mayo.  Even if one of them becomes the player they are expected to be it will make for a great starting point.

3. With their newfound cap room, bring Gilbert Arenas down to run the offense and get the young players into a rhythm.  They will have the cash to do it.

3. If Ricky Davis is not your man, get a veteran SF to help mentor the young talented group that you have now acquired.


This is what the Heat Lineup would look like if they made these moves:

PG  Gilbert Arenas         Salary—$17 million

SG O.J. Mayo                Salary—$4.5 million

PF  Michael Beasly          Salary—$4.5 million

C  Al Jefferson               Salary—$4 million

Sf Ricky Davis               Salary—$6.9 million         

Starters—$36.9 million

Bench—$22.665 million

Estimated Cap—$61 million    

Total—$59.565 millio


That is a starting five to be feared come playoff time.

(also please note that a similar deal could get done with Chicago)