Detroit Lions Fans: Be Upset, Just Be Smart About It

Chris StewardContributor IJanuary 16, 2017

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

OK, so you're upset.

Your team just lost to the winless Rams, which is inexcusable.

I get it. I really do.

What I do not get, however, is the reason Matthew Stafford is the point of that criticism.  He went 14-of-33 for 168 yards with one pick. 

Those are not good numbers, but what did you expect?  He barely practiced and his receiving corps looked to be made of butter.  I counted about seven dropped passes, with most coming on third down.

Oh, and that one pick bounced off of Aaron Brown's hands.

Put yourself in his situation.  If you had unreliable coworkers who let you down on a consistent basis wouldn't you hesitate going to them for help?  I would.

How many times do you have to set your self up for failure before you think twice before doing it again?  I bet even Plaxico Burress will remember to check the safety if he decides he needs to carry a pistol again.

If you want to boo the team that let Stephen Jackson run over them on numerous occasions, that's fine.  Tackling is something that can be done alone; moving the chains on offense is not. 

It was amazing to me on the Lions lone scoring drive how easily they moved the ball when players decided to make catches.  It was fun to watch. 

Matter of fact, Stafford is the one who got the team back in the game (if you call down by eight really out of it).  From what I can tell, he played better when his team needed him most.  Please do not blame him for fourth-and-20.  You can put that on back-to-back holding penalties.

Honestly, I think if Detroit gets some more consistency from the receiving corps, Stafford could make a case for rookie of the year. 

He had five interceptions the first two games, but has thrown only two in the five games since and at least one of those bounced off the hands of the intended receiver.  That shows continued improvement.

I'm excited about what he could do with a healthy Johnson for the second half of the season.  Remember, they have only played three complete games together; compiling a 1-2 record.

So chill out.

No one will ever dispute the frustration of a Lions fan, but show some fan intellect by at least booing the right person(s).  Right now, Stafford does not fit the description. 

Besides, how does one have enough energy to boo Matt when booing his receiving corps should be top priority; with exception of Johnson, of course.