NBA Power Rankings: The 2009-10 Season Tips Off

John LorgeSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the NBA season has arrived. 

While talks of 2010 are heavy, everyone at the top of the league is still playing for that coveted title—and they made the moves to prove it.

Here's the first Power Rankings of the 2009-10 season.


1. Los Angeles Lakers

Ron Artest will have the defensive intensity he played with five years ago, and L.A. is even stronger than last year with Andrew Bynum looking impressive.


2. Cleveland Cavaliers

Role players like Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker will be impressive in prime time. Oh yeah, and they have Shaq this year too.


3. Boston Celtics  

The C's have depth, experience, and they are healthy for the time being. 


4. San Antonio Spurs

The injury to Parker over the summer is a worry, but this may be the best bench in franchise history with the arrival of Richard Jefferson and DeJuan Blair.


5. Denver Nuggets  

They didn't make moves like the other teams this summer but their team chemistry is outstanding.


6. Orlando Magic  

Rashard Lewis will be missed for 10 games. Orlando has great depth but you can only play five players at a time.


7. Portland Trail Blazers

It's becoming cliché but Greg Oden could push this team into the NBA elite as long as Andre Miller knows his role.


8. Dallas Mavericks  

If Shawn Marion plays like an All-Star the Mavs move up. If he plays like he did in Miami and Toronto they will slip.


9. Utah Jazz

Deron Williams is an elite PG and Carlos Boozer will play hard regardless of how he feels deep down. This will be the best Jazz team since Stockton and Malone.


10. New Orleans Hornets

Even if Emeka Okafor's health is a question mark, Chris Paul is good enough to get New Orleans above .600.


11. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks were able to bring everyone back and they even added to their backcourt, but does more talent equal less happy players?


12. Phoenix Suns

The players are happy they will be getting back to old ways, and the Suns still have two of the NBA's elite.


13. Miami Heat  

Overall this is not a team that can contend for the title, but Wade will not let them miss the playoffs.


14. Washington Wizards  

The injury to Antawn Jamison is not a good omen for the season, but the talent and coaching is there to make a serious playoff run.


15. Toronto Raptors

Last season was a blunder, but the Raptors have more players who want to be there than ever.


16. Detroit Pistons

And then there were two. Can Rip and Tayshaun blend with Ben and Charlie?


17. Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose has all the makings of a star. He will need to carry Chicago, but he has a talented supporting cast.


18. Los Angeles Clippers  

Injuries threaten this team but the Clips have the players to make a push for eighth place.


19. Philadelphia 76ers  

With no Andre Miller the Sixers lose their rock, and their offense wasn't potent to began with.


20. Indiana Pacers

This is a team built to score. If they can learn to stop people they present some tough matchups with their very good size.


21. Oklahoma City Thunder  

The criticism of Kevin Durant will push him to play at a different level this year, and his young guns will follow.


22. Houston Rockets

It will be a miracle if they make the playoffs out west, but this team will still deliver some shockers.


23. Golden State Warriors  

If you're not a fan this is a fun team to watch. If you live in the Bay, oy vey.


24. Memphis Grizzlies  

Iverson's health will put a strain on the lineups. This is a talented roster but they carry a stigma.


25. New Jersey Nets

Their are some hungry players out in Jersey—Yi, Lee, and CDR will fill in the gap between Harris and Lopez.


26. New York Knicks

Sure they score a lot of points, but the Knicks don't stop many teams and their total focus is on 2010.


27. Milwaukee Bucks  

As long as Redd and Bogut are in the lineup they can challenge teams. Brandon Jennings wants to be special too.


28. Charlotte Bobcats

They downgraded their center and already lost their starting shooting guard. A lot of heart but not a lot of talent.


29. Sacramento Kings

Lots of young talent on the roster but none are great defenders and there are also injury troubles.


30. Minnesota Timberwolves

Big Al Jefferson still isn't 100 percent from his knee injury and Jonny Flynn isn't enough to will an NBA team to wins.


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