Oakland Raiders Punked at Home By Denver Broncos

SonnyCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2009

Everytime you give the Oakland Raiders a chance to make a statement they fall flat on their face.

It all started in pre-game warm-ups as both teams players started to meet at midfield with the trash talk. It became heated and coaches had to step in to cool things down.

The Denver Broncos started the game much like the Raiders did in their first game against the Chargers on Monday Night Football showing great intensity that the Raiders would never match.

As a fan, I can take a loss when the Raiders show up to play. But on this day the Oakland Raiders were not prepared to play against this Bronco team. They were not only outplayed but they were also outcoached.

The Raiders looked soft from the start of the game and became softer as the game went on. The Raiders were not just beat, but they allowed the Denver Broncos to punk them on their home field and in front of their fans.

The Raiders offense or lack of it did nothing all day long and they were lucky to come away with the three points they ended the day with. The Denver team ran at will and dominated the Raiders defense from the start of the game to the final whistle.

Most of the Denver passing game was working under the linebackers with short passes that the Raiders never did figure out an anwser to. What I thought would be the strength of the Raiders team, their defense, was manhandled through the entire game.

The Raiders offense could do nothing all day and JaMarcus Russell had another bad day and looked nothing like a starting quarterback in the National Football League. With Denver double covering the tight end Zach Miller most of the game, the two rookie wide receivers still were nowhere to be found.

Enough is enough. With the turn around Denver has seemed to make in one off season as well as many other teams over the past few years. I will be making no more excuses for the Oakland Raiders bush league play.

They all need to look in the mirror and look to see if they have a pair. For not winning a game is one thing. Going out on your home field and being punked as men by a AFC West rival is another.

I know that it is early in the season and there is a bunch of football left. I just do not know if I want to go through another year like so many years past and watch it.

Man up as men or clear the hell out of town because you are doing nothing but disrespecting ALL THE GREAT OAKLAND RAIDERS PLAYERS THAT CAME BEFORE YOU.

And you have been doing it for a long, long, long time. And this 30-something-year die hard fan is getting sick and tired of it.