Jim Harbaugh Jokingly Storms Stage After Michigan Loses Butt-Shaking Challenge

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IJanuary 1, 2016


For Jim Harbaugh, the competition never stops—even in a booty-shaking competition.

Thursday, prior to their Citrus Bowl matchup, Michigan and Florida players took part in some hilarious festivities, including the aforementioned task of emptying a cartridge of balls via violent hip-shaking. It went a little something like this:

The hilariously absurd activity turned out to be the third, final and tiebreaking round of the day, and the Wolverines head coach stood by with watchful eyes to ensure a fair ruling.

When the victory was given to his opponent, the famously outspoken Harbaugh playfully objected, protesting that the event should be examined by video replay.

The referees didn't budge, and the Gators emerged victorious. But with the real prize still up for grabs, Michigan will be hoping Harbaugh continues to bring the intensity for redemption.

After all, a win is a win, no matter what form it takes. Who knows—there may be competitive momentum to be gained from tasks like successfully eating an Oreo cookie off your own face.

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