Serena Williams: Unacceptable Behavior

Joseph CiracoCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

The best female player on the planet is Serena Williams. Nobody can dispute this—not even Dinara Safina, who is currently the No. 1 ranked player on the WTA tour.

We also know that, based on recent losses, Serena Williams shows little class in giving her opponents credit in victories over her. 

Last night, Serena took it a step further as she threw a classic temper tantrum, and was ultimately penalized with a point violation on match point.

The WTA should investigate her actions. The outburst was absolutely unacceptable and disgusting.

Threatening to "shove a tennis ball down the throat" of another human being is completely appalling.

Many people will argue that the foot fault call was absurd. To be fair, it was very tough to "accept."

First, if Serena was serving and volleying, I would be the first to completely approve of the call since it would give her a slight advantage.

The timing of the call was really poor.

However, just like with the intentional grounding call against Terrell Pryor last night for Ohio State, rules are rules.

The sad thing is that what people will forget is that Kim Clijsters was outplaying Williams in this highly-anticipated match.

Clijsters had previously won just one of seven matches against Serena, but managed to dictate the majority of rallies in winning the semifinal match.

I don't believe Williams should be suspended from the WTA tour, but I do believe she should be fined and issue an apology.

Serena Williams is clearly not an ambassador of the sport like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer.

She's just the best female player, who has problems accepting defeat.