Andy Roddick: Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Rohini IyerSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2009

Hey Guys,

It's so nice to see you all (it's been a very long time, isn't it?) and you know how busy I have been working and getting myself into shape (did you see me trouble Federer at Wimbledon? Weren't you guys impressed? I got myself a couple of more Brownie points with some girls—sympathy votes always count, period!).

Coming back to reality, I have learned to put the past behind me and the head-to-head doesn't even shock me anymore.

The Karma thing that Larry has put me into, has made me realize that I should be doing just my duty and not worry about the results: They come as they come and go as they point in ruminating (the philosophy part is cool, its just the practical application which sucks, though).

Now for the US's my favourite tournament—Any guesses why?

If you remember, I won my first grand slam here six years ago (I don't think I need to remind you guys about those days) and now six years later (or is it seven? Math confuses me), I have heard the grapevine float that I am like the fourth or the fifth favourite to win the US Open.

That is cool, isn't it?? I mean, frankly I am a great believer in the proponent of numerology and some numerologist told me that three and its multiples are my lucky numbers and it actually makes sense, you know?

I mean, I won the US in 2003 and then I was a close finalist in 2006 and now in 2009, my form has returned and is booming. So keeping in terms with all these factors, I should be the logical favourite and not the fourth or the fifth choice; it's just not fair to me! CUT me some slack, guys! It's high time someone did!

But no, no one actually bothers about the element of fairness these days! take the draw as an example—no I am not talking about "You-Know-Who", didn't I just say that I have overcome all my emotions and frustrations when I play against him?—I am talking about my potential encounter against Nole in the quarters.

How does it make sense? He shouldn't have been in my draw (or I shouldn't have been in his draw: for the sake of emphasizing)...nada—absolutely not!

Before you guys assume (assumption, according to Larry leads to prejudice and closedness of the mind), I better make my thoughts on the subject on Nole very clear. not that I am wary of facing him-definitely not; its just that I have to mind my P's and Q's double of what I am actually used to.

And not only that, the crowd booing also zeroes down on to me, as if I hand each and every American "Hate Novak for US" passes! Moreover, how can the No. 4 and the No. 5 be in the same side of the draw (did the statisticians lose their mind over simple stats?)?

Or is there something going on behind the scenes (like "Behind the Baseline" hosted by Murphy Jensen) that ends up pulling one over me (what's a man supposed to do except vocalize his rants and then I end being the bad boy of tennis! What's the world got into, damn!)?

But hey, why the hell am I ranting? Didn't I just mention about the Karma philosophy and all that? See...that's what frustration reduces a sane and thinking man to end up doing! That's life I guess (I am getting adept at talking about philosophy, I could make it as my second career; now that would be cool, wouldn't it?).

PS: Guys, make sure you follow all my tweets; life is never boring on Twitter wherever else it might be!

PPS: I hope girls love my black checkered Tee and Shorts; it suits me more than white (Brooklyn mentioned that and I try never questioning her fashion sense—it irks her more than anything else!).

PPPS: Harry Potter fans, before you end up assuming (remember what Larry said about assumption) the "You-Know-Who" in this context was intended to be as a compliment and not otherwise (gosh! What all you are supposed to try and clarify in these times? God help me!).