UFC Young Blood, Todd Duffee Is No Doofy

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IAugust 31, 2009

In the Spiars' Quick Picks: UFC 102, one of the major factors in picking Tim Hague over Todd Duffee was the gas tank of the American Top Team fighter. 

Another thing that factored in the decision was the look of Duffee. He appeared to be a scrawny nerd that bulked up after years of harassment.

Well, you know the old saying of, "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

Todd Dufee entered the octagon looking like a caged monster ready to quench his thirst for blood. Immediately, I knew I made a mistake in my pick.

Seven seconds after the bell rang, Mario Yamasaki was pulling Duffee away from an unconscious Tim Hague.

Duffee's ground-and-pound is down-right vicious, finishing a majority of his fights due to punches.

Putting his opponents to the mat would be his incredible strength in punches. Hague was on his back after a Carwin-like jab.

Not only is Duffee unbelievably strong, he has the ability to utilize it with effective combos.

Duffee has the frame of a solid wrestler and with some serious training in the art, he has all of the characteristics of a future star.

"That was an appetizer, I want to eat now Dana, let me eat!"

Duffee was blunt in stating the fact that he doesn't want easy opponents, calling Tim Hague an opening course to dinner.

"I want to fight the best of the best and my coaches are going to kill me for saying this, but I want to beat Heath Herring. I want to fight the top guys when they're at their top."

Although a match with Heath Herring seems unlikely as Herring is rumored to be searching for his Hollywood career, Duffee has proved that he deserves a step or two up in competition.

Fans are surely looking forward to Duffee's next match, regardless of the opponent, to see if Duffee is a Doofy or if he really is a potential contender in the UFC's future.