People Magazine Mix Up Andy Murray and Andy Roddick While Reporting Pregnancy

Sean FayUK Staff WriterMay 3, 2015


Whoops, People magazine, wrong Andy!

Tennis star Andy Roddick and his model girlfriend Brooklyn Decker are expecting their first child. 

Exciting news that the media was keen to share, but poor old People magazine got a little trigger happy and said it was actually another tennis Andy, former Wimbledon champion Murray, who was the father.

It was a silly mistake that was quickly corrected, but not before another model, Chrissy Teigen, took a screen grab and shared it with the pregnant Decker. 

That saw all the key participants get involved with hilarious consequences.  


It is easy to make a mistake in this game, but you have to be very unfortunate for it to be picked up on by two of the world's most famous tennis players and two of the world's most high-profile models.

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