Perspective on WWE's "Wellness Policy" and Rey Mysterio's Suspension

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2009

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 2:  (U.S. TABLOIDS OUT)   WWE wrestlers Rey Mysterio (in gold) and Chris Jericho perform on stage during the '1st Annual Video Game Awards' at the MGM Grand Garden Arena December 2, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The show premieres on Spike T.V. Thursday, December 4 at 9:00PM ET/PT.  (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

First things first, this article is my opinion. I am not using my article as a bully pulpit, but I feel betrayed and am d**n mad about it.

How many of you remember the shock of Chris Benoit? Me too.

How many of you struggled with telling your kids what happened to one of their heroes? Me too.

How many of you remember the agony of grief Rey Mysterio showed on the Monday Night Raw before we knew all of the details? Me too.

So I get up the other morning and power up the old computer and am pecking around waiting for the coffee to get done. Like always, I checked B/R really quickly as I had been out of town and wanted to see what I had missed.

Imagine my surprise when I see the headline "Breaking News: Rey Mysterio Suspended..."


Not him! I just spent a fortune buying my five sons Rey Mysterio masks for a house show we are planning on attending...Not that Rey!

Gotta be some mistake. He was a safe hero. After Benoit, after Eddy and after Hardy, finally my boys had another "safe" hero other than the Undertaker. They love Taker, and I have no worries about him being any one other than the dead man.

But Rey? Come on.

So I go to WWE's web site, and sure enough, there it is. "Rey Mysterio suspended for violation of the WWE's Wellness Policy."

Ok, cut the crap. It is not a violation of the wellness policy; he got caught using drugs. He basically said, look I cannot be Rey by myself, I have to juice up and do it.

Now steroids are controversial, and so are pain pills, but they are also deadly. I know, my day job is helping folks addicted to something, their families, etc., etc. That's what I am working on my PhD. in psychology and Christian Counseling.

Regardless of what you think about these two classes of drugs, the bottom line is they are illegal when used outside of there prescribed purpose.

And I can even bend a little on the pain pills. I know those guys hurt...but then again I know Mick Foley has taken exactly three pain pills his entire life, but everyone is not Mick Foley.

But steroids? To me, that is no different than if he had been caught doing meth or coke. And to be honest, we do not know what drugs he was using, but if you read the SI article referenced in my Breaking News article, you cannot be blamed for saying it was steroids.

Besides that, a prescription for pain medication is just too easy to get, and any wrestler other than Khali can point to a bump they have taken and justify.

But WWE's policy on steroids is pretty much no exceptions. It does have a medical clause about being medically necessary, but it has to run through management.

But this is what gets me the most. Every time Rey walks down the ramp, every kid on the rail that is wearing a mask he touches foreheads with and gives an encouraging word. He does this even in the house shows.

Every one of my kids want to be next to that ramp...who cares about ringside seats or watching the show, they want to be where Rey can find them.

And now this.

So what do you tell your kids? See, I am not only a Psychologist, but I am also a minister, but most of all, I am a Dad.

I'm not going to lie to them. They will ask. So what do you say?

So I am mad...hell, yes I am. Rey's stupidity has put me in the position of telling five little boys that another of their heroes has messed up.

All they want is to be just like him.

So now they learn that in order to be just like look just like Rey, they have to break the law and take illegal drugs.

Sure everybody makes mistake, and sure they should be forgiven. But after Benoit, surely Rey knows the danger he not only put himself in, but his family in as well.

And don't give me that bovine fecal matter excuse that if you cycle on and off like you are supposed too, you will not have those side effects."

Let me tell you as a medical professional that that is a bunch of baloney. One dose of an anabolic steroid can give you "roid rage."

Also, very few people are disciplined enough to cycle on and off of them because almost every human is addicted to instant gratification, meaning we have no patience.

But Jess, you have to look a certain way to make it in this business.


What about Sting...Shawn Michaels...Undertaker...Ric Flair...Kane...I could go on and on.

Bottom line is Rey screwed up. And if it only affected him, I would say more power to you.

But when you decide to become a public figure, you have to know there are certain unspoken responsibilities you have. And not to old, washed up fans like me either, I should know better.

And Rey, you did know better.

And Rey, one more thing.

Thanks a bunch. Now should I make my sons take your picture off of their wall like I did with Benoit's?

Is that an unfair comparison?

Well, should I?


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