Robert Horry, David West: FEMA Allocates Funds in Response to Disaster

Jon MeerdinkCorrespondent IMay 18, 2008

NEW ORLEANS - The Federal Emergency Management Agency has allocated $2.3 million dollars to the New Orleans Hornets and the city of New Orleans in hopes of aiding the recovery of star forward David West, who was injured in the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinal.

"What transpired Thursday evening was obviously a disaster of epic proportions and we need to be sure that the proper steps are taken to alleviate the problems caused by this senseless act," said R. David Paulson, the Agency administrator. "It is vitally important that we, the agency responsible for disaster relief, respond quickly and efficiently."

West was injured on a controversial back screen by Spurs forward Robert Horry. West was blind to Horry's approach and received a blow to his lower back, aggravating a previously existing injury.

"The disaster known as 'Robert Horry' has been afflicting the Southern and Southwestern parts of the United States for some time now," said FEMA deputy administrator Harvey E, Johnson, Jr. "It has become apparent that his actions can no longer be ignored. Last year, we allocated $1.8 million to the city of Phoenix in response to Horry's actions against Steve Nash. We feel that it is our responsibility to assuage the grievous injuries caused by the play of Mr. Horry."

Hornets' coach Byron Scott was grateful for the aid, but felt that the national government hadn't done enough in response to Horry's actions: "Rob's a destructive force, and I think it's obvious what kind of impact he can have on a series, as he has both this year and last year. Never mind the fact that he's a 37-year-old forward averaging 1.5 points per game in the playoffs or that we were down by 21 at the time. We had them right where we wanted them, and Horry's 'big shot' really shut us down.

I really feel that Dave was about to get hot, but Horry had some different feelings about it. He's a destructive force that must be stopped, and we're glad that someone is finally doing something to aid us as we try to end this threat once and for all."