Premier League, You're Having a Laugh

Philip BrownContributor IAugust 20, 2009

LONDON - FEBRUARY 06:  Richard Scudamore the Chief Executive of the Premier League talks to the press at a press conference to talk about Premier League broadcasting rights at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on February 6, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

So the summer is finally over and the new English season is upon us, the hopes and dreams of most fans are still securely intact.  Manchester City spent £80 million on above-average players whilst everybody else scraped the barrel. 

As the transfer window draws to a close, we're left in absolutely no doubt, the bubble has well and truly burst in the greed-is-good league. 

Forgive my schaudenfraud but no-one more than the English Premier League can not say "they didn't have it coming."  The league has put profit before anything else and as a result, attracted all the wrong investment from all the wrong types of people. 

Manchester United and Liverpool, Englands two finest footballing institutions are crippled financially, both clubs forced to sell their best players then beg and borrow to sign woeful replacements. 

Arsenal, in debt for the right reasons, can't turn down offers for anyone, Chelsea with an extremely old team are showing no signs of past spending habits which leaves a league with some very heavy baggage.

Scudamore and co. represent exactly why my love affair with football is coming to an end.  I reminisce of the 80s, packed stadiums, affordable football, loyalty, and no mention of PLC, Hedge Funds and Automatic cup schemes. 

The game really did belong to the people. 

Now we're told that the "premiership is the greatest league in the world" and a 39th game is a great way to bring English Football to the world. 

Maybe its the utter contempt they show towards everyone elses intelligence, it certainly would explain a lot but any semi conscious observer knows why the suits in English Football want these things and its exactly the same reason why the Champions League exists in its current format. 

Liverpool and Manchester United are English footballs greatest clubs, both steeped in history, tradition, fantasy and equally, enormous debt.  The scandalous 'fit and proper test' was just words.  If it isn't then I would love to know who determines suitability when people like Thaksin Shinawatra are passed fit? 

The fact is, these parasites sold every principle English football had for instant gratification which has now resulted in a horrifyingly precarious outlook for some of the leagues greatest clubs. 

Man City fans are beyond giddy about the fact they have signed a team full of above average players.  Has anyone ever told them that they don't even own their own stadium? 

You know, some of the most basic financial advice will tell you, dont plough your money into expensive toys whilst living in a rented apartment.  City fans would be much better off if the Abu Dhabi group bought City a stadium, training facilities that weren't laughable, and improved the clubs infrastructure as a whole.

At least if the Arabs leave town, City have sustainable assets rather than overpaid players on long term contracts.  But hey, who cares about tomorrow?

As a lover of English football, i despair about its current state.  I have no faith at all in its legislators and i believe the barrel is rotten to the core. 

UEFA have got to introduce regulation that bans clubs from its competitions if they are heavily in debt.  Its fair, its ethical and its protection for supporters against over leveraged buy outs of clubs that transform them into ticking time bombs.

There would be no Glazers, no Hicks and Gillet, no Leeds if these regulations existed.  The meltdown has already begun, Englands biggest clubs are marketing monsters that just happen to play football. 

These clubs are set up to run on revenue streams that are only obtainable by monumental success.  With players leaving like rats of a sinking ship then just how success on a global scale is supposed to be maintained is any ones guess. 

The English FA have picked off all their easy targets in hammering lower league clubs for going into administration, I do wonder how they'll react when (not if) it happens to a Premiership Club.  Expect double standards.