PODCAST: '09 NFL Guestimates and Reliving the George Brett Pinetar Game

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IAugust 20, 2009


The JoeSportsFan duo of Sebek and Bacott began Episode 27 reliving the ridiculous details behind the infamous George Brett “pinetar game“.  As it turns out, there’s plenty more to the story than George Brett storming out of the dugout like a crazed lunatic.  Plenty more.

Before our weekly “Wiffle Ball” round table with some of our favorite web scribes from across the land, the fellas engaged in a little “2009 NFL Predictions” (read: the portion of the year where we throw shit against the wall and if we’re right in 8 months, we’ll point back to this moment and say, “Told you so.”).

During the digital sausage fest, we were joined by regular guest, Tim Ryan (The Sports Hernia) and show newbie, Stephen Douglas (Cousins of Ron Mexico).

Below is a list of questions that the aforementioned gentlemen were asked:

1.) At the current moment (week of August 17th, 2009), who sits atop your “People most likely to slug Brett Favre in the teeth” Power Rankings?

2.) Which sport’s television experience has been improved the most through High Definition?

3.) Trailing Tiger by one stroke on Sunday, Paddy Harrington threw up an 8 on a par 3 during last weekend’s PGA Championship.  What on-field athlete meltdown is most memorable to you?

4.) If you could sit in on a disciplinary meeting between Roger Goodell and any current NFL player for your own entertainment, who do you choose?

5.) With the announcement that Brett Favre is officially joining in the Vikings, who is one other retired pro athlete that could announce a comeback tomorrow that wouldn’t surprise you at all?


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