John Calipari Is a Dirty Man

Kurt WirthCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

John Calipari has been caught. Or at least the NCAA thinks so.

Calipari will become the first college basketball coach ever to have Final Fours vacated at two different schools.

After previously having his Final Four appearance at UMass vacated by the NCAA, improper benefits—including free trips on the chartered team jet—and a questionably fraudulent SAT resulted in the NCAA deeming Derrick Rose ineligible.

Thus all 38 Memphis wins in 2007-08, including the Final Four, are being vacated.

Calipari is known as a great recruiter, but this seems to lend evidence and credibility toward it being not just his bubbly personality.

And here’s a thought to the UK fans: If Cal takes UK to a Final Four, will Calipari make it an unprecedented three FF’s vacated at three different schools?