A Re-cap of Awesomness

Aaron HooksCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2009

Raise your hand if you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If you're waiting for Matt Holliday to pull a hamstring. Waiting for Chris Carpenter to blow out an arm. Waiting for Ryan Franklin to finally implode. Waiting for this dream of 2009 season to punch you in the gut.

Let's re-cap:

1) The Cardinals, notoriously cheap have signed the best foreign hitting prospect in the world, Wagner Mateo, to a 3M contract.

2) The Cardinals, notoriously cautious, took the second best prospect in the 2009 draft, Shelby Miller, with the understanding that he would go to college if he didn't get big money to sign. He not only came aboard yesterday; he signed on for less than anticipated.

3) The Cardinals, notoriously pussy in recent years when it comes to trades... trade for the best hitter available, Matt Holliday, who promptly comes over and turns into Babe Ruth Jr.

4) Chris Carpenter not only is sewing up comeback player of the year honors for the NL, he's well on his way to another Cy Young award as well.

5) Chris Carpenter's biggest threat to the Cy Young? His teammate, Adam Wainwright.  He might split votes against Tim Lincecum.

6) The Cardinals, notoriously middling for the past 3 seasons, have promptly taken fire the past 10 games, gone 9-1 and put 6 games of separation between themselves and the rest of the NL Central. Their new goal? Best record in baseball.

7) The Cardinals, notoriously risk adverse, are close to taking a flyer with John Smoltz to become a late-inning set-up man. Again, just what the doctor ordered.

8) We haven't even mentioned how good Ryan Franklin and Trever Miller have been in the back end of the bullpen. Or Joel Pinero's excellent resurgence this year. Or Colby Rasmus emerging as a legit major league talent. Or another gold glove type year from Yadier Molina. It's embarrassing at this point.

Trust us; we're trying to enjoy the ride.

We want to believe that everything is breaking perfectly for #11... but the dark, inner-cynicism that this site was built on just won't let us enjoy this sucker all the way until it's over. But we'll be the first to admit at this point there is absolutely not one thing to bitch about.

Life is good, Cardinal Nation.

Life is very, very good.

And yes, the omission of 2009 NL MVP Albert Pujols in the above text was intentional.