* The Moneyballfilm: Not dead, just resting

Ron KaplanContributor IAugust 18, 2009

As per this piece from The Playlist blog.

These questions were aimed at Pitt on a red carpet stop (a horrible, soulless place to conduct a mini, 30-second interview) so don’t expect anything too earth shattering. But he was asked if he thinks the “Moneyball project can be salvaged and go into extra innings.

“My gut says yes,” is his response. Perhaps he didn’t want to say too much because of all the controversy and noise around the project, but he did allude to the problems and negative press it received earlier this year. “It’s a weird climate right now,” he said. “But we’re still trying to re-mount it. I hope we get to do it soon.” Not much, but we believe it’s the first time he’s addressed or talked about the project post-debacle.

BTW, that rumored Vanity Fair article that would allegedly get into the whole “Moneyball imbroglio? We’ve heard it’s false, not happening and was never a reality. Would be a shame if that turns out to be true. We were dying to read it.