Stephen Strasburg Shouldn't Choose Boras Over Tony Gwynn

James HulkaAnalyst IAugust 18, 2009

7 Oct 2001:  Right fielder Tony Gwynn #19 of the San Diego Padres acknowledges the crowd during the Major League Baseball game against the Colorado Rockies at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.  The Rockies defeated the Padres 14-5.  Mandatory Credit:  Christopher Ruppel/Allsport

You can't fault Tony Gwynn for trying.

However, when players are dumb and greedy enough to say they want Scott Boras handling their business decisions for them instead of a Hall of Famer, excellent college coach, and one of the best hitters ever to walk the planet, they deserve all the negative publicity they get.

Stephen Strasburg—if you reject the highest offer ever given to a draft pick ($12.5 million)—you're an idiot.


Either you're too blind and deaf to not have ever heard of Aaron Crow, or you're too stupid to realize what will happen if you hold out for more money that you haven't yet earned.

Scott Boras has no conscience and I doubt ever did. He's a cold-blooded greed enabler out to get himself paid and his picture taken by chopping 10 percent of a dumb and gullible major leaguer or upcoming player.

Alex Rodriguez didn't learn. Neither did Manny Ramirez.

The lesson is "You're not worth what Boras thinks you are."

Both Rodriguez and Ramirez have been in the big leagues for 15 seasons now, and let Boras drag them around by their (possibly) steroid shriveled genitals, as long as he does one thing for them, which is get them a lot of money.

If it were me, the decision would be easy. I believe Tony Gwynn made $6 million the last year of his career in San Diego, on a "hometown discount." He's coaching near the home he's had the last 20 years, around his son, financially comfortable for the rest of his life and respected everywhere for his career, and extensive knowledge of the game.

Greed is not something that was ever associated with Tony Gwynn. Maybe Stephen Strasburg will take the hint...

Oh I guess he just did.

I was about to say "and not be too greedy and let Boras let him lose a year and a lot of credibility."

However, ESPN is reporting the Nationals and Strasburg agreed to a deal for $15 million. $15 million—for someone who won't play in the majors until at the earliest mid-year next season.

I wonder if his old college coach at San Diego State called him and said, "They're offering you how much? $15 million?!?! Take it and get on the field. Play because you're good and love the game, not for the money. It's a lot more fun that way."

If so—good for you Tony. I wonder if he was able to tell Aaron Crow (about to go unsigned AGAIN) the same thing.