Should The Winner Of Swick V Kampmann Really Get a Title Shot:Or Fitch ?

Joseph S.Contributor IAugust 18, 2009

LAS VEGAS - JULY 11:  (2nd R) Georges St. Pierre celebrates his victory against Thiago Alves during their welterweight title bout during UFC 100 on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. St. Pierre defeated Alves by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Should The Winner Of Swick Vs. Kampmann Really Get a Title Shot ?

As I'm sure a lot of you know the UFC recently announced that Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann will be fighting each other at UFC 103

Personally I don't think that the winner of this fight should get a shot at GSP.

Now I'm sure a lot of readers from this site probably disagree with me on this subject. But I hope after reading this article I will be able to hopefully change some of those people's minds. 

One of the main reasons I think that the winner of this match-up shouldn't be getting a title shot is because I simply don't think either of them have any real chance at beating GSP. Obviously though that's not much of a solid reason for not thinking they don't deserve a title shot though so I guess I'll go ahead and share my other point as well.

Neither of these fighters have beaten anyone who is ranked in the top five in my personal opinion. So I bet a lot of people at this point in reading my article are probably sitting there thinking well since you don't think the winner of this fight should get a title shot what do you think Joe Silva should set up instead?

Well here's the suprise I do agree that Swick and Kampmann are both guys who are within close range of earning a title shot, but here's what I personally think should happen.

I think that the winner of the Mike Swick vs. Martin Kampmann fight should then have to fight Jon Fitch. So if one of them is able to beat Fitch then obviously they would prove to me that they would actually be able to give GSP some sort of actual fight.

But if they lose to Jon Fitch then honestly it really just saves everyone the trouble of essentially wasting their money on paying for a PPV event where the main fight on the card GSP Vs. either Swick/Kampmann is just GSP just beating the crap out of someone who shouldn't of been in the ring with him to begin with.

So I bet your sitting there wondering to yourself but what if Fitch wins. Well if Fitch wins then I personally think it should earn him a second chance at GSP. I don't know if anyone noticed this but in my honest opinion Jon Fitch looked really good in his last fight at UFC 100.

Even though we didn't get to see much stand-up fighting during that fight the stand up that he did get to utilize looked very much so improved he threw some very crisp and clean combos that I don't think he could of pulled off when he faced GSP at UFC 87.

Plus at UFC 100 Jon Fitch showed that not only was his striking improved substantially but his ground game got better as well. His ability to control Paulo Thiago on the ground was amazing especially when you consider that Paulo Thiago is a accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He completely controlled Paulo during the second and third round of that fight on the ground. In every aspect he got the take-down and he maintained dominated position during the entire 2nd and 3rd rounds. Not to mention he was also very close to finishing him with a RnC towards the end.

But thats besides the point. 

Anyways though, the truth is that Joe Silva is a genius match maker who I don't usually question all that much, so thats why I am thinking that its very possible that the reason he hasn't mentioned the idea that I just menitoned (besides the fact that I may very well be insane) is possibly because he is planning on setting up a Jon Fitch Vs. Thiago Alves 2 which in my personal opinion would be one heck of a fight.

But thats just me hoping again. Anyways though guys tell me what you think. I hope everyone who bothered to read the article was able to enjoy my insane thought process and lack of writing talent, but was still able to enjoy it because of the fun match-ups/ideas I mentioned.