Mike Vick Buy Low Sell High

Mike RigzContributor IAugust 17, 2009

Mike Vick Buy Low Sell High -Gridiron Experts.com

No team has made bigger headlines than the Philadelphia Eagles this off-season. They have sort of a Lindsay Lohan obsession with being the center of attention in the sports world these days. Whether it’s McNabb’s contract and demand for offensive weapons, or shocking the world with the signing of Mike Vick, there is always some news coming out of Philadelphia.

The Mike Vick signing seems almost pointless and troublesome for the Eagles. A shot at a Super Bowl run is definitely a realistic goal, but with questions and interviews from all types of media including those outside of the sports world, the distraction seems like more baggage than what Vick is worth. The notion that the Wildcat formation is the missing link to this team’s success is just stupid, as the NFL will no doubt adapt to the one-hit-wonder offense that so many teams ran last year. You have to figure defensive coordinators spent countless hours game planning for the Wildcat all off-season, just in case teams still decide to run it again this year.

Probably one of the stupidest things I saw all weekend was Jamie Dukes on the NFL Network drawing up plays on how the Eagles were going to use Vick in their offense. Jamie, a former offensive lineman, had four plays that fit more into a Harlem Globetrotters playbook than a real NFL offense. Crazy plays included McNabb flipping the ball to Vick only to then have Vick throw the ball to McNabb for a touchdown. Really? Such plays wouldn’t work in Madden ‘10 the video game let alone an NFL offense. At best you’ll see a couple option plays where Vick will be put in motion with the opportunity to throw, but I’m sure he’ll be more of a distraction to the defense and be used more as a decoy than anything.

With four quarterbacks on the team (McNabb/Feely/Kolb/Vick) you have to wonder if this was more of a business move than anything. Getting a player at such a cheap price could allow the Eagles to take on the brunt of the media and allow him to re-enter the NFL, only to then trade him once he’s been accepted by the public. Keep in mind, teams were interested in Vick as an athlete but weren’t interested in the gouging media that came along with him. With the recent injury to Stewart Bradley and a need for an extra Tight End, the addition could be more of a negotiating tactic than a new acquisition. Maybe the Eagles plan to dish one of their backup QB’s in hopes of filling missing links on this contender of a team.

Either way, Vick being back in the NFL is a mixed bag of emotions for many people. I read a lot of articles and comments this weekend ranging everything from “I wouldn’t trust Vick to clean my toilet” to “he’s done his time, let it go”. I want to believe in giving people a second chance, but torturing animals is so evil that I can’t even wrap my head around how messed up you have to be to hurt a creature as loveable as a dog. In my opinion: the Eagles are playing with fire.