2009 College Football Rivalries To Watch

Chris JohnsonContributor IIAugust 16, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - JANUARY 07:  Head coach Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators poses with the 'The Coaches' Trophy' during the FedEx BCS Head Coaches Press Conference at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa on January 7, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

With the new college football season ready to begin, I have to plan my watching schedule. By setting the schedule, I can plan for the football parties and make sure there are enough snacks and "cold beverages" on hand.

The "big games", to me, are the rivalry games. We all love to watch. Somehow, when my friends are around, we end up doing the "wave" when our team makes a great play.

The yelling at the TV when a bad call is made drives my better half and dog into the other room. Some guys just can't control their colorful language.

My friends help with the cleanup after the game. But I wish my friends would quit painting their faces in team colors—when they come over, they scare the dog.

For the 2009 season, here are some rivalries and dates to plan on.

Michigan/Ohio State - November 21
Alabama/Auburn - November 28
Oklahoma/Texas - October 17          
Army/Navy - December 5
USC/Notre Dame - October 17
Florida/Georgia - October 31
Florida State/Miami - September 7
Texas/Texas A&M - November 26
Nebraska/Oklahoma - November 7
Lafayette/Lehigh - November 21
Harvard/Yale - November 21
Auburn/Georgia - November 14
USC/UCLA - November 28
California/Stanford - November 21
Minnesota/Wisconsin - October 3
Kansas/Missouri - November 27
Florida/Florida State - November 28
Alabama/Tennessee - October 24
Virginia/Virginia Tech - November 28
Washington/Washington State - November 28
Arizona/Arizona State - November 28
Mississippi State/Ole Miss - November 28
Indiana/Purdue - November 21
Georgia/Georgia Tech - November 28
Clemson/South Carolina - November 28

Don’t forget to set up the TiVo to catch all of the action you might miss.