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micheal malcolmCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2009

WASHINGTON - JULY 27:  U.S. President Barack Obama speaks as he hosts the Detroit Shock at the South Portico of the White House July 27, 2009 in Washington, DC. The President hosted the Detroit Shock in honor their 2008 WNBA championship season.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

I have started a weekly segment where I have gathered the top stories in the NBA for the week, from all over the web. Sit back, relax and catch up on some of the major (and minor) happenings this week. 




I don’t believe that Kurt Rambis is the right guy to lead the Wolves back to respectability nor do I think 4 years is enough to get the job done. Who’s to say that Khan and Rambis won’t be gone in two or three years anyways?  There is something to be said for Rambis wanting an opportunity however after several years with the Lakers, I’m not sure he’s ready for what awaits him in Minnesota


The German team was dealt a blow with the Mavericks denying Nowitzki to play for his country. Look for more NBA teams to take this stance with the injuries to Parker, Calderon, and Gasol over the past couple of years.


Quentin Richardson was traded again this summer to the Miami Heat for Mark Blount. I am deeply concerned that Pat Riley believes that signing Dwayne Wade’s inept, inconsistent, streaky basketball friends is a good plan to keep Wade in Miami.


Speaking of Wade, Sam Smith reported that he has recently bought a house in Chicago. So what? Athletes that have the money (and lots that do not) often own several houses, this is not a precursor to Wade coming to Chicago. Found out that Bosh has a home in Texas this clearly can only mean he’s going to San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston next year.


Leon Powe has signed with Cleveland, reportedly to stay in the Eastern conference in hopes of exacting payback on the Boston Celtics for non-tendering him. A good guy who has survived some incredible odds, and generally likes to stick it to people that give up on him.


Flip Saunders is reporting that Gilbert Arenas has regained his quickness again. ‘Hibachi’ was one of the most entertaining players, and bloggers in the NBA. I hope that he can give us something to cheer about this year. Not a bad team in Washington either.


Ben Wallace apparently wanted to retire before the Pistons came calling. As long as Big Ben knows this is 2009 and not 2004 this should be a great signing for the Pistons.


Von Wafer, and Linus Kleiza are the two newest members of Olympiakos. You know what? Just for fun let’s get that team into the NBA. They have owners that want to spend money and can absorb heavy losses, they want marquee product on the floor and they clearly care about basketball. Why are they given a franchise to revitalize Seattle?


The recession has completely messed up the Knicks plans, and if anything need to re-sign David Lee to give some hope to a fan base still searching for a winner


Jerry Stackhouse was dunked on by John Wall; apparently Wall dunks better than he steals. Additionally I am concerned that he will not succeed in the NBA due to his clear arrogance and belief in his own press clippings. The players in the NBA are severely more polished than the ones here.


Some good news for Grizzlies fans: OJ Mayo is looking for new representation why? No one really knows, hopefully Rodney Guillory is not apart of the ‘new’ team.


Some bad news for Grizzlies fans: Do NOT get in the way of Zack Randolph and his pizza or this may happen to you.


Otis Smith is really bitter about losing Hedo Turkoglu, clearly with his bashing of his former player. A message to Otis: If you knew you could get 20 million more than you originally could wouldn’t you do it? Grow up.


Magic Johnson is truly a visionary, and continues to excel in life after basketball.


Former Piston Bill Laimbeer would like to be an NBA head coach. Frankly instead of these assistants or college Coaches that bomb completely (Michael Curry, Kevin O’Neil, Tim Floyd, Rick Pitino) give Bill a shot he clearly has extensive experience dealing with temperamental people.


Naturally I have to call out Rick Pitino for his headlines in the news this week. Can you imagine how his recruiting visits will go now? This is the latest.


High School player Jeremy Tyler has signed with Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Premier League. While Jeremy thinks that he will become one of the greatest, however I’m not sure he realizes that the Israeli league is about on par with his High School team that he is trying to leave. Additionally the fact that the ever sneaky Sonny Vaccaro is involved is a HUGE red flag.


The Hornets traded Rasual Butler to the Clippers for a second-rounder. If I am Chris Paul I am deeply concerned about the direction of this Franchise, Okafor trade aside, where is the depth?  


The Houston Rockets have signed David Andersen to a multi-year contract to attempt to make up for the loss of Yao Ming. The only question I have his when did a second-round draft pick ever replace a NBA All-Star? When did a player averaging 11 points, and 4 rebounds a game basically double is success in the NBA? I don’t see it happening, and neither should Rocket fans expect it. Andersen is a backup at best.


Lastly here are my 5 non-basketball related thoughts for the week


Michael Vick deserves a second chance; America is a country where if you have paid your debt to society you should receive at least one more chance. With Tony Dungy in his corner his success rate is higher than most think.


The Toronto Blue Jays price for winning two consecutive World Series is the product you see on the field today, and the depth of the AL East. Until there is a salary cap (unlikely) the Jays will not be winners for a long time.

NFL training camp has begun, and for those that are clamoring for a copy of Madden 10 you can get one free from Sports Illustrated, by signing up for a years subscription which of course is cheaper than the game itself. Details are here.


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Cliff Lee has started off strongly for the Phillies, certainly looks like the right pitcher was acquired by Ruben Armero Jr.


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