Haven't You Hurd? The Cowboys are Deep at Receiver.

Rustyn RoseContributor IAugust 13, 2009

The Dallas Cowboy’s Tony Romo is bug-shit happy down in Texas. One of the games premiere wide receivers has left town and Romo is beside himself about his wide receiving corp. T.O. will have that effect on a quarterback. “We’re a lot deeper than people think,” says a grinning Romo. “We don’t have guys who have 1,000-yard seasons all over the place, but we definitely have guys we feel very strongly about.”

His primary target is the hopefully resurgent Roy Williams. Word out of Big-D is the two are clicking fairly well, so it’s a good sign. The various “experts” and football pundits have Patrick Crayton lining up as #2 opposite Williams, with Miles Austin as a sleeper pick at #3. I can’t argue that Austin is a pretty good fantasy player to pick up in moderate to deep leagues. However, there is a deeper sleeper in Dallas, one who will almost certainly out perform the over-hyped Crayton, and a guy I think will be the 2nd best receiving option in Dallas by season’s end. That man is 2nd (technically 3rd) year wide-out, Sam Hurd.

Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd


I’d love to dazzle you with Player A, B, C, stats and unveil Hurd as a jewel not yet discovered, but he’s more an unknown quantity at this point. His 2008/09 season was essentially lost to an ankle injury, but the glimpses I saw the previous season lead me to believe he has that intangible “something” that will make him shine brighter than Crayton and Austin.

Regardless of who stands out the most, the team is having fun again, which keeps them loose and makes them all better. “There’s no competition,” Hurd said. “We’re just having fun, teaching each other, learning from each other.”

With a trio of solid running backs and numerous two tight-end packages,, Cowboys receivers are going to find a lot of open space this season. All are worth having, but Hurd is the word, and you heard it from me.