Clock is Ticking: Sign Shelby Miller!

Justin HulseyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2009

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With the August 17th First-Year Player Draft signing deadline on the horizon, only 12 first round picks have been locked down. There are 20 teams scrambling to sign their next possible superstar. One of those teams, unfortunately, is your St. Louis Cardinals.

With the 19th pick of this year’s draft, the boys took Shelby Miller. The flame-throwing pitcher from Brownwood High School (TX) has wanted a $4 million bonus, and he is sticking to his guns.

In fact, him wanting four mil recently turned into DEMANDING four mil. With the Cardinals giving nearly that much to a 16 year old kid, I can definitely see where Miller is coming from. It’s about time we figure out that we won’t get him for slot and just give in.

The top prospect from the 2009 International class, Wagner Mateo, signed for $3.1 million… and he’s barely old enough to drive.

In 2008, only Missouri starting pitcher Aaron Crow did not sign with a team. Since he did attend college already, he could not go back and had to settle with a semi-pro team. Miller’s experience does not go beyond high school, so if failed to sign, he would go to Texas A&M—where he was committed to going if not drafted.

However, I do not think it is time to panic. If you’re asking me, I’m saying we are going to sign him.

John Mozeliak remains optimistic: “Once we start getting to that point where-the-clock’s-ticking mode, it’ll force us to try to get something done,” Mozeliak said. “…We’ll get something worked out.”

Currently, there is an open line of communication between the two parties, but nothing concrete.

Hopefully Mozeliak and team can figure something out, because despite what he says, the clock IS ticking…

…So go get something done.

- Jay -