Want to Get Better Results? Try Something Different

Sam MContributor IAugust 12, 2009

A friend of mine had to give a presentation to a small team he was a part of.

Giving presentations was nothing new to him. His ideas were excellent and he always speaks well.

But, he wanted to challenge himself.

So, what did he do ...

For the first time in his career he used a PowerPoint presentation. He spent hours on it. And it was very good.

It strengthened his already effective presentation skills, making his whole idea and message stronger.

In short, if there are tools out there to assist you, wouldn’t it be silly not to take advantage of them??

The same applies to tennis ....

Why only hit a topspin backhand? Add variety and hit a slice on occasions.

Why stay back on the baseline and play safe all the time? Serve and volley and mix it up.

Why play “predictable doubles”? Get your partner to “cross” aka the Bryan brothers at least twice each service game. You do the same when he/she is serving.

Why hit down the middle of the court when you’re warming up? Hit cross court and practice ball direction and control.

Why do you tense up at 30-40 and often serve a double fault? Play a set in training where you can only have one serve.

Why always practice with the same partner? Give someone a call in the team above and hit with them to stretch yourself.

Why be content that you can’t seem to hit winners down the line? Get your coach to focus on taking the ball early with more shoulder rotation and you’ll feel more confident.

There are many avenues and opportunities in tennis, as in business, as in life, to practice and improve.

You may think you are competent in one area. But next time, try something different, extend yourself and I guarantee that you will see an increase in performance.