Why I Love Alabama Football

Jon RiddellContributor IAugust 12, 2009

Coach Bear Bryant of the Alabama Crimson Tide watches his players during a game.

      For my first article on bleacher report I figured I'd tell people some reasons why I love Alabama football. 


     There is just something about Gameday in Alabama.  You can smell it in the air. There is a buzz around the whole state.  I lived most of my life in Northern Alabama until about six years ago. Since then I've lived near the South Bend, In area. While gameday is nice around Notre Dame its nothing compared to Alabama.  The whole state practically shuts down during the game especially for the Iron Bowl. (More on that later)

     We not only pull for our team.  We live it 365 days a year.  From practices to gameday to recruiting.  If Bama loses you spend the next week talking about why or how or who did what or who didn't do what.  If Bama wins you still spend the next week talking about the whys or hows but at least your happier.

     We always think we have a chance at the national championship no matter if we got Nick Saban coaching or Mike Shula.  But when you have 12 national championships you get to do that.

     Speaking of national championships.  There are only a handful of teams that can Bragg about their tradition the way Alabama can.  You can say what you want about living in the past but there is just something about 12 NCs, 21 sec championships, 31 bowl victories. From Wallace Wade to Bear Bryant to Gene Stallings. Now that is some tradition.

    My father was such a big Bama fan he could hardly watch any games. First let me say my dad had a bad heart so that's why he could hardly watch any games. Close games would give him chest pains so he would go take a nap and occasionally come out to check on the score. Now that is a fan.

    Finally the Iron Bowl.  Whats better than beating Auburn.  You get bragging rights for a whole year.  It doesn't matter what the teams records are it is still the Iron Bowl. There are some other great rivalries in college football but to me nothing compares to this game.  You have brothers vs brothers, friends against friends all hoping they get the bragging rights for the next year.

    Well, these are just some of the reasons why I love Alabama Football.  Tell me what you think.