4 Horses To Put Your Money on in This Years BCS Race

David KuykendallCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2009

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 20:  Brandon LaFell #1 and Demetrius Byrd #2 of the LSU Tigers celebrate a touchdown catch by Byrd against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 20, 2008 in Auburn, Alabama. LSU defeated Auburn 26-21.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Well i have taken the last month or so to do some research on teams i though had a better chance then the media gives them to run the table in theire conference and possibly the nation.

To start off the 4 team count is my pick to win the SEC......but its not Florida. While the 11 returning starters on defense is a compelling story there  several reasons why i believe they will not win, and the LSU tigers will be victorious in the SEC. My first and best reason is they have the most talent at every postion in the sec even over the national champs so while inexperience will factor in byt mid season Les Miles will have his Defense and qaurterback issues worked out. Jordan Jefferson and Jarret lee are both capable of making play through the air and on the ground and with multiple receivers standing 6-3 or taller this could be the most dangerous offense in the SEC. And while the mid season game against florida will be a test for this less than experienced D as as this offensive line holds up for that game i believe this tem will have the best record in the sec come seasons end. The only game i am not confidant in the tigers ability to win is possibly the Auburn game where they will be playing a team i dont expect to have more than 2 losses. Other than that i believe the tigers will be able to overcome the other roadblock on theire path to succes such as Bama and Ole miss.

My next potential Dark horse is also from the Sec and on this one im going out on a limb, the next team i believe has the chance to run the tables in theire division is Vanderbilt.  ...... Yes i know the Commodres only recently have been a bowl worthy team but i point out so is ole miss and many people pick them to win the sec and with 18 returning starters i will have them haveing at best a 6-2 conference record if Florida drops more than one game dont be shocked to see the Dores in a spot very unfamilar to theire fans. But i point out that this is a true darkhorse not my expected team in the SEC East as LSU is my pick to win th West. The only way this dream comes true is if the defense starts holding team to less than 300 ypg and the offense average more ypg if they perform as they did last year this might not be a bowl elligable team.

My next Pick comes from the Pac 10 conference and went 0-12 last year yup another shocker Washington. While the dont seem to be the most talented team out there they do have good experience and a much easier schedule even though they play LSU and ND. If they steal one from Oregon ,Usc, or Oregon state this could be a 7-2 in the pac 10 team and end up in a 3 way Tie with Oregon and Cal. With 16 starters back and a Very good QB they seem to have most of theire questions answered in my mind. While i dont believe they or Vandy will be in the title picture a BCS game is  possible, not a likely scenario but a possible one.Washinton must also inprove on both sides of the ball they will not be playing the nations top draft prospects this year as they did last year since experience is short in the pac 10 and they have one of the most experienced sqauds be sure to give the Huskies a few wins on your pickems this year.

My final team is WVU and while i push this team more than a writer should talks with other fans and writers with different alliances have convinced me this is a team with a shot. Many times in the past WVU fans have been told feel good about getting to this bowl but it wont be a game youll want to watch or more famously they have zero chance the SEC has to much speed were going to show what real speed is, What about this is at least a 3 TD game OU will blow them out of the water well guess what themountaineers have won theire last 4 bowl games and been underdogs in every one of them beating 2 conference champions both ranked in the top 5. With White gone and some very good defensive players absent also there are some good seize shoes to fill in morgantown. The Defense though is less of a problem than you would think seeing as they have 18 players on this 2 deep roster with at least one career start. The biggest question for the mountaineers is the offensive line they will need former 5 star G and current sophmore for the mountaineers Josh Jenkins will need to step up as will some talented Freshmen from this years recruiting core. But they do have SR selvish capers and JR Eric Jobe to help lead the younger O-linemen. With SR Qb Jarret Brown and JR RB Noel Devine SR Wr ALrick Arnett Wr Fr Logan Heastie this will be one of the most talented Offenses in the nation. There are two games that WVU needs to watch out for and both are away AU comes in the 3rd week and playingin the Jungle AKA Death Valley can be one of the most intimidating things in a qbs life.The other is at USF and while the mountaineers won last years game at home they have had some trouble here in the past.

This concludes my article please feel free to leave comments and ratings for this Story Thank you and God Bless.