Matt Hardy: Another Twist Of Fate?

No BodyCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2009

First off, let me say that if you haven't watched/finished Smackdown from tonight yet, don't read this, as it may give away some spoilers.

Now, with the spoiler alert out of the way, let's get right to it. Matt Hardy is confusing the hell out of me right now. He has been jumping back and forth from show to show, displaying characteristics of both heel and face, etc.

January 2009, Royal Rumble: Jeff Hardy defends his WWE championship title against Edge in a No Disqualification Match. Towards the end of the match, Matt Hardy shows up with a chair and gives Jeff a pretty nasty chair-shot.

Now, before this match, Matt Hardy resided on ECW and was considered a face, getting decent pops from many fans. After the match, Matt jumped ship to Smackdown and was considered a full-on heel, attacking Jeff, getting great heat, and even changing his attire.

Jeff and Matt then had a painfully short lived feud.

March 2009, Wrestlemania: Jeff and Matt face off against each other in an Extreme Rules Match. Matt gets the better of Jeff in this match and it looks as if this is the start of a great feud. In the next few weeks, Matt once again reigns supreme over Jeff in a Stretcher Match.

Things were looking good for Matt. It looked like he was going to get to shine in the main event much like his brother, Jeff. The third match was the charm for Jeff, however, and things started to fall apart for Matt.

April 2009, Backlash: Jeff and Matt face off one last time in an I Quit Match. Matt's luck runs out, and is finally beaten by his brother. To add injury to insult, he broke his hand in the match. This also looked like the end of the feud since a few weeks prior to this, Matt had been drafted to RAW in the annual WWE Draft.

Once Matt joined the RAW roster, he dropped into the mid-card scene and was soon forgotten among the mounds of mid-cards in RAW. After a few matches, Matt took some time off for surgery.

So just to recap, Matt went from face to heel and from ECW to SD! to RAW all since January.

August 7th 2009, Smackdown: CM Punk is set to fight Jeff Hardy in his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title. Tensions are high between the two though, so Vince McMahon decides that a special guest enforcer is needed. Who could it be? Matt Hardy of course!

As soon as Matt comes out, most people are probably thinking that Jeff doesn't stand a chance in this match. Jeff and Matt haven't exactly been seeing eye to eye in the recent months, and now Matt can legally interfere in Jeff's title match, again.

Matt however, shows absolutely no emotion through the majority of the match. Then, towards the end, Jeff starts yelling at Matt. I'm not really sure why. Anyway, Punk tries a baseball slide into Jeff, and hits Matt instead.

A few moments later, Punk counters a Swanton Bomb and goes for the pin. At a two-count, Matt pulls the ref out of the ring and breaks up the count. Punk, of course, is furious at this and starts to yell at Matt. Jeff rolls him up, and Matt counts the pinfall, giving Jeff the win.

What? A bit confusing to say the least. Does this mean that Matt and Jeff are all good? Does this mean that Matt is now a face on SD! again? That would mean Matt went from face to heel to face and traveled from ECW to SD! to RAW back to SD! in just seven months time!

Now, I'm all for change, but this is slightly ridiculous. I suppose that this may not be an actual face turn, but if it is, Matt's head is probably spinning with all this recent change. I think Matt can do well as both a heel and a face, so a face turn isn't really necessary, but he could pull it off.

Well, whatever works for Matt I guess, but I hope WWE has something good actually planned for him, since he definitely deserves it.

Thanks for reading, and as usual, feedback is always appreciated.