Chris Jericho: The Most Underused Overachiever...Ever...EVA! (Part: II)

Jason BrownContributor IAugust 7, 2009

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5:  (L-R) WWE Superstar Chris Jericho throws into the air former professional wrestler Ric Flair during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)

3. Stature cont....

Jericho has never looked dominant, ever. His title reigns never last longer than a month, and even as a face he's never just destroyed a guy. Now I know neither his character, or moveset complements that, but he's really looked...lackluster.

I mean he had to get a third finisher because he couldn't win with the others. Its not really his fault The lion-tamer/walls of Jericho was a dangerous move, but I don't even get excited seeing that half-ass Boston crab even more.

You have Cena who just gets a submission, and people are tapping left and right, but you have a guy who's been doing submissions all his life who can even make it look close. If you're not a Jericho fan how could you even believe he might win a match?

2. Feuds
HHH and Foley. Rock and Austin. Angle and Edge. Michaels and Hart. Taker and Kane. Cena and Orton. Everyone has that one feud you think of, some several. That rivalry where both push it to the limit, with back and fourths wins, personal gains, and

None comes to mind when I think Jericho.

I despise Cena passionately, but his feuds with Lesner, Orton, Edge, and Taker were memorable. I'm not counting lower card feuds like RVD, Rhyno, Christian, or Hardy. They don't further cement his "main event legacy" None of these besides Christian were personal, and none would lead to the world title.

So what happens when he feuds with other main eventers?

Triple H buries him, he can't beat the rock with two lionsaults and a locked-in walls without a McMahon. Austin beats his ass (when there's no Booker T). John Cena Tom Bradys him constantly, I mean its not even close. Benoit always ultimately comes out looking better and more deadly.

Jericho's never had that feud that went to a "real" world title run, that is pretty much well...mandatory.

1......drum roll........Wrestlemania!
I'm not even going to list each wrestler and his Wrestlemania moments. Every top athlete has them, even the newer ones. Jericho in his first ever Wrestlemania, tapped out first and came back to win the less important title (the story of his wrestling career).

Next he beats Regal (Wow), and in filler match. And when he finally main events Wrestlemaina, what happens...he loses?!—To Triple H, no less. Go figure.

Like Chris Benoit I was hoping Jericho would get that late "big run" when Benoit won the rumble then went to a triple threat match in which he made Triple H tap (its nothing now but at the time it was quite upsetting).

Even mid-card wrestlers didn't have to respect The Walls, Jericho can't even make Jeff Hardy tap. Jericho in his career never looked as dominant as Benoit did in that one year, even when Y2J was a face.

He went on to have a great match against HBK (lost, of course). And, of course the filler legends match last year. But he's really Dan Marino'ing it in.

He has tremendous talent, yeah, and a boatload of titles, but he's never really reached that plateau where at one point he was the best in the world (success wise). It's just seems like a given, you need that one Wreslemania moment (where you win), and I would have imagined by now he'd have one. 

It means you're the best at that time, and at this point it seems Jericho has missed his chance.

Despite all his misuses, Jericho was over-achieved like few others.

Despite pushes and opportunities Jericho is still a nine time intercontinental champ, and has currently made the tag titles look decent again. He's made countless others look better, than they ever could alone. And of course the first ever undisputed champion.

Maybe he'll never beat Cena, clean to win the world title. Or maybe he'll never make HHH tap at Wrestlemania, or have multiple month title reign. But perhaps it's better that way, I mean what else could the Jericho haters use against him?