Triple H:The Unsung Hero of the Attitude Era Is...Also a Very Easy Target

Jason BrownContributor IAugust 7, 2009

370782 01: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Triple H Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

Triple H. Triple H's character over the year is like that girlfriend who you really love, but then you spend too much time with her. Then she wins all her...uh, she...I don't know, you just stop liking her...well, bad comparison, forget it.

Triple H is probably the main reason I started watching WWF. Yeah there was the Badass anti-hero Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The People's Champ the Rock, but I didn't really care for either.

Every week I tuned in for two main reason, Y2J and HHH. (How ironic) I always root for the bad guy. The Dave Mustaines, the Tony Montana's of the world.

Hell, I get mad when there is a survivor at the end of a horror movie. But it wasn't just me being a blind mark. Triple H didn't come to the ring, clean house, and raise his fists to the crowd.

I'm not saying it’s easy to be the good guy, but having to make someone look better over the course of a match requires some skill. He was the crutch. He got his ass beat for 2/3 of the match, and in the end if he won it was due to him outsmarting his opponent. 

Either that or he would pick his opponent apart over the duration of the match. That being said he was a bad guy sure, but he still posed a threat. He could come out and cut the most bravado filled promo and he would back it up.

This was a guy going against the grain, while still having all the credibility of a face. He's easily just as important to that era as Rock or Austin (I’m not even going into the impact of D-X or the McMahon-Helmsley Era)

Now here's the hard part. I no longer care for HHH. I watch Raw solely for Orton nowadays. I understand Triple H is getting older, and he's much more involved backstage, but that aside he's really...boring.

From 1999 to 2003, HHH was the best wrestler around because, he was the "cerebral assassin", yeah but he could also lose a match. One of the reason I loved watching his matches was the notion that he might, you know...lose.

Seeing him lose, and watching the depths he would sink to get it back was one of HHH's main draws. Why watch his match if you know wants going to happen?

Also, I admit, Triple H is an actually funny a guy when he wants to be, but because you can be a face doesn’t mean you should.

No matter how funny his promos are, I just always see him a heel. Even when he was cutting 15-minute promos in Evolution, I'd take it over his current stale-ness.

Now that the negative is out of the way, why is HHH an easy target? First his "infamous" backstage powers I’ve been hearing so much about. Yeah I know he put over Orton, and Batista over, who were at one point or another his friends.

I'm not condoning it, but if you were smashing the boss' daughter, you might get your friends jobs as well. He also put over Benoit, as well as Cena, and made Edge look credible as well. Sure he's buried Booker and Y2J (and I’m sure others), but I think that had little to do with him, and that's something he get too much credit for.

And 13 title reigns, way too much right? Well, he's been with the company while The Rock and Austin were gone, how would he not logically have more if he's still wrestling? Hell, he's just recently passed the Rock who's been gone for some time.

Plus his character is the type of guy that calls for many reigns. He a "lose the title-then devise a plan to get it back-soon guy". Of course he has more than Austin, Taker, or Michaels.

They don't call for as many reigns, and they took backseats earlier in their careers. And it’s not like Michaels, Taker, or even ****** Mysterio has a pull right? It's not like Taker is getting McCool an uber push, no?

Boring matches...well. Triple H has always been the backbone in a match. He's the best when he's the masochistic guy in the match. He's never really thrived when dominating. Now later in his career is used a face, so it's no really his fault he's lost a step and it forced to angle matches differently.

That being said, Triple H is no HBK. He can't make everyone look better than they are. Orton is also a guy who limits his offense, and picks apart the opponent, not exactly the most "exciting" outcome paired with HHH. And honestly how exciting can it be fighting John Cena every week?

Sure, Triple H isn't what he used to be. Yes HHH is no longer as engaging, or calculating in the ring, nor as evil and menacing on the mic. But that doesn't warrant the over-bearing hate that is easily thrown his way.