Why Didn't Dana White Let BJ Penn Fight Anderson Silva?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2009

Does anyone besides me wish that Dana White had encouraged BJ Penn to fight Anderson Silva in his quest to own belts in two weight divisions?

Now, I will admit that I do not understand Dana White's reasoning in the least and never really have.

Why he announced the retirement of his friend Chuck Liddell without forewarning the Iceman, thus causing a painful and humiliating situation for his "good friend," was very curious behavior in my way of thinking.

Taking Anderson Silva to task for having two "uninspiring" fights in a row also seemed more than a little tacky, to me at least, considering the fact that Silva is still an undefeated champion.

Knowing how annoyed BJ made GSP during the 24/7 special should have prompted Dana to sick BJ on Anderson. What better stimulus to want to beat the bejesus out of someone could exist?

Can you say "super fight?"

I would have knocked myself out to see such a match up!

Imagine the Spider pouncing upon the mouth that roared and mummifying him in his web. Oh my, I tremble at the very thought of it!

Trash talk undoubtedly lead to Georges' enthusiastic beat down of the Hawaiian beach bum at UFC 94.

A match between two BJJ champs in either Brazil or Hawaii would be an instant classic, if I am not mistaken. How could Dana deprive fans of that pleasure?

He put the super-freak of nature, Brock Lesnar in the ring against much smaller former MMA champions in Lesnar vs. Couture and then Lesnar vs. Mir, so why the concern over BJ's "smaller frame?" Is BJ more a more valuable commodity to the UFC than Captain America?

If BJ's mouth, trash talking, and pre-fight histrionics did not inspire AS to commit some in the cage violence, then I don't know what ever will provoke the man.

Surely the sweet as apple pie Opie Taylor double Forrest Griffin does not make an opponent as rabid as the pompous Hawaiian emperor does.

Penn's "to the death, Georges" threats, if aimed at Anderson, might just unleash a volcano of fury unlike the lava eruptions seen in his native land if BJ was locked in the octagon with the lithe Brazilian.

Would BJ's ability to put his foot behind his head help him untangle the pretzel Anderson would surely make of him? I am betting that it wouldn't as it didn't help much to prevent Georges' domination in their fight.

Well, after the fight with Ken Florian, perhaps BJ and Dana will reconsider the challenge this would present for the Prodigy.

And if not the challenge, perhaps the business opportunity and prospect of the megabucks it would bring might tip the balance.

With the recent loss of Fedor, Dana should consider this other option for raking in the cash.

My boycott of the UFC PPV's and all its products would fly out the window faster than you can say "Hawaiian Punch!"

No... I am not kidding!