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So the great Roger Federer has not only got all the majors but also one major more than the great Tiger Woods. But there is one thing that Tiger Woods has done that Roger Federer has not been able to do, that is hold all 4 majors at one time.

This amazing feat which the great Tiger woods managed to acheive in 2001-02 is something outstanding even by Tiger Woods' very very and let me repeat again very high standards.

Lets see how our very own Roger fared in all these years in acheiving this feat.

2004 : Won the Australian open, Wimbledon and US open. However in the French Open

         Stopped by the Clay court specialist Gustavo "Guga" Kuerton in the third Round


2005 : Defeated in the Semi finals by Marat Safin ( who at that time hired Federer's

          former coach ' the one and only extremely talented Peter Lundgren' ),

         Defeated in the semi finals by the french open debutant 18 year old Rafael Nadal

         Won the Wimbledon and the US open.


2006 : Won the Australian open, Wimbledon and US open. However defeated in the

         Finals of French open again by Nadal in 4 sets.


2007 : Won Australian open without dropping a set, Won Wimbledon and US open.

         However fell short again in French Open because of one guy (guess who) Rafael



2008 : This mononucleosis hit year for Roger.

         Defeated in semis by Novak Djokovic of Australian open

         Defeated in the Finals of French open and Wimbledon by guess who? you got it

         our very own "friend" Rafael Nadal


2009 : Lost in the finals of Australian open against hmmmm who could that guy be

          , but of course Rafael Nadal

         Won the Golden Double of French open and Wimbledon with the US open to

         follow in few weeks.


So lets count it down.


Roger could completed a Grand Slam or a Roger Slam in (probably) 2004, 2006, 2007.

But the one that we all are missing and probably the one that could hurt us all the most

is 2008-2009. Lets see how :

Roger won the US open 2008, French open 2009 and Wimbledon 2009. He was the favourite in my mind also in the minds of greats like Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Rod laver to name a few in the Australian open Final.

Had he managed to win that match against Nadal, we (Roger Fans) would be celebrating ROGER SLAM when Roger lifted Wimbledon 2009 Trophy.

Well PAST IS PAST. However if you ask me the best chance that Roger has to acheive the Roger Slam would be to win US open 2009 and Australian Open 2010 and trust me for my money he would be the favourite to enter both the tournaments.

I am certainly looking forward for the History man to acheive this feat.


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