Stimulating New Ideas: Bulletin Boards

Adam BarrCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

I know this about every writer, including me. At some point good, plausible, interesting ideas desert us and we can spend hours staring at a computer screen trying, desperately, to think of something to write.

Everyone gets afflicted by this. It's natural.

When you're short of decent ideas to opine, you can take the opportunity to create and develop new ideas in several areas of sport that have been somewhat neglected.

Not to say the neglecting could have been avoided. B/R is an open source network. People can write what ever they like and that's the way it should be. But surely (as is B/R's aim) to create a No. 1 stop for sports journalism there has to be a variety of articles on offer.

B/R is unique as a sports website because of the different articles that can appear on it. Often professional sports websites stick to the hard news, rumors, and opinions. Of course this should be a focus on B/R as well ,but since this website is open source it should be able to offer something different.

To stimulate this what can we do? Bulletin boards. When I was exploring B/R one day I stumbled across what one community was already doing and what I think should become a standard feature of all the major communities.

It would be a simple list published by a community leader which outlines ideas that can stimulate new articles. These would not be on the most popular of topics but on the ones that are perhaps more exclusive, something people are less aware of.

In this way people won't be stuck by writer's block for a frustrating amount of time and we can widen the variety offered to sports fans across the world.