Roger Federer The Greatest ?

Satish IyerContributor IAugust 4, 2009

For starters let me tell everybody reading this article that i am huge Federer fan and secondly this article is not another one that talks about Roger H2H being negative against Nadal..

I have always beleived that Roger can be called the greatest ever if he could fulfill the following conditions :

1. Hold the record for maximum number of grand Slams in history

2. Have a career Grand Slam.

3. Break the record for maximum number of Weeks holding the number 1 ranking.

4. Finish number 1 at the year end Ranking for more number of times then the current

   record (which is 6 held by Pete Sampras of course)


As for condition number 1 and 2 Federer has already acheived that.

Condition number 3 will be fulfilled by around Wimbledon next year (subject to Federer hangs on to number 1 ranking till that time). the current record is 286 weeks held by Pete Sampras and Federer has been number one for 242 weeks now and still going strong. He has gathered enough points to ensure that he will be number one till US open.

He has to and i repeat he has win US open if he has to hold on to number 1 position. because this is the tournament when Murray or Nadal can overtake him if they go on to win the US open title.

He didn't perform well in Tennis Masters Cup last year ( Knocked out in the Round Robin stage by Murray), so he doesn't have lots of points to defend at the Tennis Masters Cup this year.

In order to fulfill Condition number 4 he has to take care that he defends the US open title successfully and performs relatively well at the year end Tennis Masters Cup (Currently known as ATP World Tour Finals). I mean even if he reaches the finals he will still be Year end number 1.

If Federer manages to regain the year end number 1 ranking for 2010 and 2011 then there will be no doubt as to who is the THE GOAT.