Know When To Hold Em, Know When To Fold Em: The ChiSox New Pocket Rocket

Seth BowmanCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2009

If you have ever played texas hold em; then you would obviously know that pocket rockets are the best "hole" cards one can receive. Pocket rockets in the game of poker are a pair of two "aces."

As the MLB no waiver trade deadline aproached on a busy July afternoon the White Sox were dealt their second "ace" in the Padres Jake Peavy, the former 2007 NL Cy Young Award winner.

Since the White Sox 2005 World Series title, Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle has truly been the only clear cut "ace" on the Sox pitching staff, having thrown a no-hitter and a perfect game since 2005. As of July 31, 2009, the White Sox now have a second clear cut ace to form what they call in poker "pocket rockets."

With this important trade the White Sox are expecting to be in the thick of the AL pennant race come October.

The White Sox's addition of Jake Peavy sures up a White Sox rotation that already was loaded with quality starters (Mark Buehrle, John Danks, Gavin Floyd and Jose Contreras).

Analyst of all sorts have questioned the addition of banged up pitcher Jake Peavy (ankle injury) to the White Sox stating that "trading for someone who won't pitch until September is a huge gamble."

I believe however that this "gamble" is one worth taking and will land the White Sox the metaphorical poker pot (World Series).

Despite Peavy's mild ankle injury, he is clear on track to complete the rehabilitation program for his ankle injury starting today, by throwing a bullpen session in Chicago.  Both Jake Peavy and Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams fully anticipate him entering the rotation towards the end of August.

If one speculates that Peavy makes his return at the begginning of September, that leaves only three spot starts (August 10, 25, 30) for White Sox management to take take care of. With a stocked farm system, and talented bullpen the White Sox will for sure be able to "hold down the hatches" until Peavy makes his debut.

One factor being overlooked by analyst of the White Sox trade for Jake Peavy is the fact Peavy is not coming to the White Sox as a "rental" player, but a player in whom the the White Sox control his contract for the next two years with a third year club option.

With the addition of Peavy to the White Sox starting rotation, the White Sox are on the verge of making a deep 2009 playoff run.

Having a very potent offense consisting of currently two .300 hitters (five .300 hitters a week ago) and only two every day starters below .260, coupled with a strong rotation highlighted by ace Mark Buehrle and ace Jake Peavy, believe you me when I say the South Siders are going to be, as the naive analyst would say, "gambling" their way to the World Series with their very strong "pocket rockets."