Secret Conversation Tape Of Dana and Fedor Negotiations

ashley whitesideContributor IJuly 31, 2009

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An unknown source has leaked secret audio tapes revealing the actual conversations and on goings discussed in the recent negotiations of Dana White and Fedor Emelianenko and his management teams. These have not been verified by either parties.


*Fedor sits with his management in the room prior to UFC officials entering


Fedor- *Russian gibberish*translated "Man, I haven't fought a real fight in probably a good couple of years guys! I better cash out like Kimbo did when he knew he was about to go down"

Unknown party- *Russian gibberish*translated "Well don't worry. I think I've got a trick up my sleeve. Just go with it, M-1 has to co-promote. Will take them to the bank and for everything because everyone thinks you're the best and they need you to beat Brock".


--Dana White and others enter room.

Dana- "So glad to meet to meet with you again Feddy. Can I get you anything? Some potatoe break or vodka perhaps?".

Fedor- "I am how you say...alright. Thank yous for the offer, I will only take some Vodka if M-1 can cut it with you".

Dana- "Huh??"

Fedor- "Eh, never mind I said that. Lets get down to business. What is your offer?".

Dana- "O.k. I like that. We want to lock you up exclusively. You know this, we've been over it. We're prepared to make you the highest paid MMA athlete; 6 fights for $25 million and you can have your Samba matches"

Fedor- "No Deal"

Dana- "Wow, that quick? Alright, 5 fights and $30,000,000. Samba matches and all the Affliction gear, and every other piece of junk t-shirts and shorts you want to wear AND most importantly. A immediate title shot against Brock Lesnar, to show everyone you really are the best. Undisputed Heavy weight world champion Fedor Emelianenko. How does that sound?"

Fedor- "Not bad I'll admit. Sounds good but only one thing- we needing M-1 to promote also with this fighting"

Dana- "What the f*** are you talking about?"

Fedor- "M-1 is a fighting promotion from my home country. We are needing them to be promoting me and the fights also. It's very important they do"

Dana- "Why?"

Fedor- "That is good question"

*long pause ensues

Dana- "well?"

Fedor- "It is good idea"

Dana- "Get the f*** out of my F***IN OFFICE AND STOP WASTING MY F***IN TIME YOU **** ***** (expletives go on for awhile...)"