Kim Clijsters's Comeback: A Welcome Change In The WTA Vulnerability

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2009

The second half of the Masters series which sees action beginning from the first week of August, will mark the return of Kim Clijsters back to the rectangular realm of the sport.

For the former World No. 1 who will be participating as a wild card entrant in the upcoming Toronto and Cincinnati masters using these two events as a spring board for the us open, this will be a chance to present a strong show of her game once again, two years after she took a sabbath prioritising her personal obligations.

Not to mention the fact that her "second career" as she prefers to word it, rather than the usually coined "comeback" appears to be coming at a very opportune moment—at a time when the WTA system is inching towards making a mockery of itself.

It wouldn't be prudent at all to take a dig time and again at the haplessly choking Dinara Safina, but her performance at the slams makes it necessary that it's high time the WTA opened it's tightly shut eyes to the predicament.

At the same time, while seeking Dinara's supposed replacement to the crown- that's again a million dollar question; while Safina performs consistently at the masters and chokes at the slams, the Williamses are polar opposite, especially Serena for that matter.

While Serena plays brilliantly with gusto and gumption, she fails on these two counts at the masters platform, invariably getting thwarted by lower ranked opponents, thereby losing important and valuable ranking points.

Erratic performances are rife- the likes of Safina and Serena forming just a sliver of the whole bastion; and as such, the situation demands a player who can cater and deliver an all round performance, a few hiccups notwithstanding; a player who create an atmosphere of stability in the vulnerability prone WTA scenario.

And Clijsters's decision to re-enter the professional rat race, provides a beacon of hope in the murky women's tennis waters and though she has said that she will use these events to gauge and monitor how well she can adapt to the sport and her personal duties, and then decide about venturing even further; the optimism about her "second debut" is seeping deeply into the air.

Playing in the Wimbledon roof inauguration exhibition [if it could be termed that] alongside the likes of Agassi, Henman and Graf; Clijsters's display of tennis left no doubts in the minds of her fans as to her fitness and athleticism which still remains top notch and brilliant as ever as though she had never left the sport in the first place.

"Killing two birds with a single stone" is a popular phrase, which fits aptly in the current scenario; a highly awaited re-run of a prodigy, which could, if everything goes well, re-establish a stability of sorts till the likes of the under-developed mature well enough to engrave a name for themselves, when and where it matters the most!